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  1. Because someone put time and effort into creating it and charges for his time?
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  2. Unfortunately ntdllx3 is a dud. I tried to boot up with it and I got 0x6B BSoD with parameters 0xC00007B, 0x3, 0x0 and 0x0. Or I meant it was a dud, since I decided to take it, change SectionAlignment back to 00001000 from 00000200 and it works just as well as x2. And it wasn't in vain since it's still slightly smaller than BWC's last ntdll.
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  3. Not really BigMuscle's fault that Microsoft keeps making substantial enough changes to windows 10 that it keeps breaking Aeroglass. I'm kind of moot. The delay in Aeroglass updates it's usually enough time to determine if the big spring/fall updates are having other issues. By the time the Aeroglass update comes out your pretty safe to install the spring/fall update. I hope BigMuscle is doing ok out there.
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