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Mars Installer 1.5 - automatic software installation


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I think 'IfNotExists' sounds better in that context because 'if not exists then we can install it'.

Depends on how you implement it but which ever way is good for me.

And marsinst.exe will not grow much with GUI builtin. Just 300-500kb more. And it will be same ONE .exe file and one optional configurable .dll container for applications icons.

Sounds good :).

But now I'm working under Mars Notebook 1.5 so next Mars Installer will be in 1-2 months...

I can wait.

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And if I may do 2 other feature requests

- an input box, where the input can be used for example as a parameter for a following command.

- an option to create shortcuts (like shortcut.exe, but built in to MarsInstaller)

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Sorry, haven't been here for a while.

What I meant with an input box is a simple dialog window where you can for example enter a serial number, which is then added to the command.

I hope this clarifies it a bit.

By the way, is there any estimate on when you will release the next version?

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I'm posting this for a friend of mine who hasn't got a MSFN account. I translated this from german to english so it might be a bit rough sometimes. So here we go:

Hello Marsian

first I wanna say the mars installer is really cool and I'm glad i found it. It would be cool if you could incorporate the follwing features into your program as this would save me alot of work ;):

1. groups: I'd like the option (for openoffice for example) to be able to make a subsection to choose which parts of the program should be installed, like this:

-office <- category

--openoffice.org <- group

---writer <- subsections


---impress etc...


----english <- radio buttons


2. several dependencies: it would be cool when you select a program if it's dependy would also be automatically selected, for example I select openoffice.org and the writer and calc options are selected automatically (perhaps include a depends=1 /on option or whatever)

then it would be cool if a program could be selected even when it's root depency is unselected, e.g. you select the writer component and openoffice.org is selected automatically.

also mutiple depenencies would be great.

also it shouldn't be possible to unselect some radio buttons, like with openoffice, you should have to choose at least one language (or better yet exactly one).

and my last request, it would be nice in case mars is killed (computer locks up or you kill it intentionally) if it would just resume where it has left.

thanks it advance should you consider implenting any of it

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1. I'm gonna implement the option to make a tree grow in depth in one of the future versions...

2. Several dependencies are already here. If your openoffice is selected along with calc and writer and you deselects openoffice so both calc and writer deselects automatically and became grey (as they need openoffice selected to be available).

3. About unselecting some radio buttons - user always should have a choice. ;)

4. If marsinst.exe was terminated abnormally (reset or hangup) it always will stop at the middle of the installation. So an application which were installed will not be installed correctly and can leave some files on HDD and can be inoperable. It's very hard to check what files installs every application and then remove incorrectly installed files and start again...

But I'm gonna thing about all these things...

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i have a question about this tool. first its very awesome :D

i have an problem with winrar sfx installers. had i to add parameters?here is an example:


Name=Lame Encoder 3.97

Folder=%ROOTC%\Lame Encoder 3.97

wenn i try this in the marsinst.log theres an error:

could not find the file.

but the filename an path are written right! have i to use the parameter /s for winrar sfx files?

my next question is i want to execute an autoit script with the mars installer, but i get the same error why?

sorry for my bad english.


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It's not a bug. And it's explained in the default marsinst.ini file.

Your %FOLDER% contains long file name so it must be quoted when you used it in your Run1 command.

But when your quote set as first symbol in the string - it will not be passed to command processor and your command will be only that string in quotes.


Run1=%ROOTC%\Lame Encoder 3.97\setup-silent.exe

is the same as

Run1="%ROOTC%\Lame Encoder 3.97\setup-silent.exe"

Here is your answer (to put your string into a single quotes):

Folder=%ROOTC%\Lame Encoder 3.97


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Thank you very very much Marsianin!!!! Not just for the really good App. but for the inspiration as well mate!!! I'm proud to browse this forum, even though I don't know as much as I would like to... Most of the discussions leave me on the ground... :blink:

Thanks Again!!!! :hello:


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with simple ' ' it works. thanks a lot :hello:

but i have another question. the variable %cdrom% stand for first drive in the computer. but at most installs my cdrom is not at the first drive.so the install fails with the mars installer.

at the marsinst.ini what have i to edit, so that mars installer even have the right drive letter?

this is my current config:

Root=%CDROM%\Software ; main root folder for installations, use it as %ROOT%, %BDRV% is drive letter where marsinst.exe is
FindCD=XP32\DISK101 ; finds file on all available CD-ROM drives and if found set %CDROM% variable to that drive's letter

could i change the FindCD to:


?So mars installer should find this file at my windows cd and sets the drive letter from this cd to mars installer. is that right?


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FindCD=XP32\DISK101 ; finds file on all available CD-ROM drives and if found set %CDROM% variable to that drive's letter

could i change the FindCD to:


Would it be an "option" if you couldn't change it?????

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