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  1. I get the same error, in VMWare (haven't tested on a live system), but it also happens with just the service pack slipstreamed (by nLite, but that shouldn't make any difference). I did some testing, and it seems the partition size has something to do with it. Normally I use a partition of 16GB, but when I decreased that to 10GB the error disappeared and setup continued as normal. Update: Scratch that and never mind me. For some reason it works like it should now and I can't reproduce the error.
  2. I'm pretty sure it's 939653 (that seems to be the only one I integrate that changes iernonce.dll). When I copy over an old version of iernonce it runs fine but afterwards Automatic Updates complains that that one needs to be installed. When I don't copy the old one runonceex doen't run, but AU is fine.
  3. The shortcut option would be great to have. Overall the program is working pretty good as it is, so there no rush. I was just curious.
  4. Sorry, haven't been here for a while. What I meant with an input box is a simple dialog window where you can for example enter a serial number, which is then added to the command. I hope this clarifies it a bit. By the way, is there any estimate on when you will release the next version?
  5. And if I may do 2 other feature requests - an input box, where the input can be used for example as a parameter for a following command. - an option to create shortcuts (like shortcut.exe, but built in to MarsInstaller)
  6. Hi Mars, I like your program, but there are some bugs in it. One is the command numbering. If a number in the sequence is missing the program stop processing that item. The %startup% variable seems to be defective. Attached are my ini and log files, and both times where I use %Startup% it fails In the log are some other errors as well, which I can't explain. Please have a look at it and fix the problem, or let me know what's wrong in my ini file. I triple checked all the files, and they are where they are supposed to be. Also I have one little feature request: more customizability. I would like to adjust all the window colors,etc. Thanks for your time and keep up the good work marsinst.ini marsinst.log.txt
  7. I have a weird problem that i can't figure out. I run the attached script (which I assembled from various bits and pieces I found on the forums, so thanks to anyone who has contributed) from RunOnceEx, but it fails. What seems to happen is that the cdrom variable doesn't get set, causing the mountvol command to fail as well. When I run the exact same script in my xp32 UA cd, it runs without any problems. Also at the moment the script is paused and I run the script in a new CMD window, it runs fine as well so I'm pretty positive the script is fine. If anyone has any idsea why this happens, and how to solve it, please let me know. :DRIVEMGT rem call %systemdrive%\install\scripts\mapdrive.cmd ENU for %%i in (d: e: f:) do if exist %%i\drive.set for /f %%j in (%%i\drive.set) do call %systemdrive%\install\runonceex\drivemgt2.cmd %%i %%j :SETCD FOR /F "tokens=3" %%A IN ('ECHO list volume ^| DISKPART.EXE ^| FIND.EXE "-ROM "') DO SET CDROM=%%A: FOR /F "tokens=*" %%B IN ('MOUNTVOL %CDROM% /L') DO SET VOLGUID=%%~B MOUNTVOL %CDROM% /D MOUNTVOL R: %VOLGUID% pause
  8. Wraith, just curious, how did the testing go for V5?
  9. Excellent, I just saw this thread, I think it's great news. Thanks, Wraith
  10. I agree. I used oobeinfo as well, but a ton of things can happen to cause oobe not run properly, so the users don't get created. just the net command, it works a whole lot better.
  11. I tried to add cmdow commands, but it didn't exactly work the first, and didn't feel like messing with it too much, so I'll leave it. Thanks for a great script. I only hope you get around to integrating reader/writer checking sometime soon.
  12. Then I misunderstood how it works, but the change would be great. So for now a DRIVE.D file on the D: drive etc should solve my problem? By the way, I don't think the script checks if an optical drive is a writer or not. I have a script which does that. It's a bit quick and dirty (well more dirty than quick), and quite limited, but it pretty much works. I attached it, feel free adapt it and include in MAPDRIVE, because I've reached the limit of my batcj scripting skills with this. I run it from guirunonce. In an earlier stage I run detectcd (I thin from Icemannd), which writes any CD letters as an environment variable to the registry, then use this to run the script for %%I in (%CDROM1% %CDROM2%) do call %systemdrive%\install\scripts\cd.cmd %%I cd.cmd.txt
  13. Unfortunately that was only part of the problem. E: gets reassigned correctly now, but it is still also changing D:,V: and W: although there are no other DRIVE.? DVD.? files Edit: I just thought I'd check if Daemon-tools caused problems, but after disabling it the same thing happens TMP_MAPDRIVE_24_10_2005_18_57_53.LOG.txt
  14. That's what I have. But even so, I definetely don't have any DVD.Y or Z files anywhere or a DRIVE.X on D. I'll double check all the files and run the test this evening.

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