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  1. thanks for help i wanted to know how it works also if it is possible to enter an file and not an folder for this option. but i tested it an it works.
  2. hello, with simple ' ' it works. thanks a lot but i have another question. the variable %cdrom% stand for first drive in the computer. but at most installs my cdrom is not at the first drive.so the install fails with the mars installer. at the marsinst.ini what have i to edit, so that mars installer even have the right drive letter? this is my current config: [Options] Root=%CDROM%\Software ; main root folder for installations, use it as %ROOT%, %BDRV% is drive letter where marsinst.exe is FindCD=XP32\DISK101 ; finds file on all available CD-ROM drives and if found set %CDROM% variable to that drive's letter could i change the FindCD to: FindCD=win51ip.SP2 ?So mars installer should find this file at my windows cd and sets the drive letter from this cd to mars installer. is that right? ciao
  3. thanks for reply. is it possible to execute autoit scripts at the same way with the ' ' quotas?
  4. hello@all i have a question about this tool. first its very awesome i have an problem with winrar sfx installers. had i to add parameters?here is an example: marsinst.ini: [7] Name=Lame Encoder 3.97 Desc1= Category=4 Default=0 Visible=1 Enabled=1 Icon=-1 Folder=%ROOTC%\Lame Encoder 3.97 Run1="%FOLDER%\setup-silent.exe" wenn i try this in the marsinst.log theres an error: could not find the file. but the filename an path are written right! have i to use the parameter /s for winrar sfx files? my next question is i want to execute an autoit script with the mars installer, but i get the same error why? sorry for my bad english. greetz

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