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Best Laptop maker?


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Just a question out of curiosity.

I might want to get a laptop later on this year, what company makes really good laptops?

Lookin for a laptop that can do just a medium level of gaming, like playing games such as starcraft or warcraft(not WoW) and maybe a bit better.

Pretty much a media computer. music, videos, games, etc.

also the company that sells the laptops at a good price.

I just want to be able to get an idea if i do decide to buy one.

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Thirded (no it's not a word :)), Toshiba.

Although some Sony Vaio's are pretty sweet, but a bit more expensive I guess and you have to put up with all the software that comes preinstalled with it.

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The build quality is second to none, and they use quality internal components. :thumbup

Edit: I'm a "Senior Member" now, is this a polite way of saying that I'm an old git? :whistle:

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I would go with ACER, more then half of it is Tohsiba. ACER has just a better price/performance.

that is my choice also.

thosibas and vaios will cost alot! yes they are worth it. but acer just hits that sweet spot. you can get a dell for extremely cheap but its not as good of quality.

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I'd have to say Toshiba is the best. I've had many notebooks by many companies, Acer, Compaq/HP, DELL, Toshiba. And so far, my favorite is Toshiba.

I currently have two of them, a Satellite A100-VA1 and a Satellite 2230CDS. The 2230CDS is about 6 years old I suppose, and its been through a lot. The PCMCIA bay has been broken (Used laptop of course, and I got it for free :rolleyes: ). My father also uses Toshiba's at work and they are very durable, especially given the work that he does.

So, that's why I prefer Toshiba. 9 months ago I would have preferred DELL :P

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Toshiba seem to be very good and tough, if you can afford them.

I found Dell had a very good price/quality ratio, and offered more user-friendly customisation (on their website) compared to Acer.

It's my 2nd dell laptop since 2000 and the first one is still working well (sold it to a friend to buy this new one im' on)

one thing though, i recommend taking the Complete Care warranty since it's the only one that covers mostly any kind of accident (spills, dropped down the stairs, cracked lcd, etc). And take it for 3 years since all that has to break will break before that.

It seems strange since having to use the warranty should means the computer is not that great. Part of that is true, but I still consider that dropping your comp in the stairs still is a possible casualty, as is the cat-dropping-the-coffey-cup. But I can tell they have a very fast repair service and that it never took more thant 1 week (7 open days) to send the thing AND get it back.

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Yes, compared price/quality I can recommend dell. I can never see a laptop better in performance compared to price with dell.

Right now with around 1700 CAD you can get a very nice 2 GB , 250GB, Gf 7900 GS, 1.83 2 Core laptop. Of course you can get state of the art desktop, 2.4 2 Core, 4 Gb, 320 Gb, 7900 GT for under 800$, with the option to upgrade a lot in the future, but hey, we talk about laptops.

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