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[Help] Installed Application is not in Add/Remove Programs


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I've recently noticed that when I install an application with SMS 2003 (under the system account), it installs fine, but there is no mention of it in add/remove programs.

If I look in the registry, in


it appears as a GUID (E0C9F4C2-1D0D-4FD4-9EBB-5E2F37E08101) entry, and if i compare the various entries inside it to other GUID entries, it appears almost identical.

however for some reason it doesn't show up in the add/remove programs section!

the only thing i can think of is GUID entries in the Uninstall path mentioned above must also correspond to GUID entries elsewhere in the registry.. does anyone know what this might be, or what my problem is?

another thing to note, if i install the application manually (ie not under the system account with SMS), it WILL show up in my add/remove programs section.


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What user account it is installed with should not affect Add/Remove Programs visibility.

Does it show up if you enable the 'Show Updates' box?

Does the GUID you are interested have a 'ParentKeyName' or 'ParentDisplayName' value?

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I don't trust any uninstaller anymore. They always leave something behind. I use JV16 PowerTools to detect and remove files, folders, registry keys and entries left behind by software.

If you're *really* picky you can use FlexNet AdminStudio to record and repackage programs when you install them and it will give you a list of every folder, file and registry key installed by that program. If you're into scripting, you could make a list of everything and specify it to remove all of them.

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