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  1. i'm having the same problem.. my pfm fonts don't seem to get added. they are the only one's i have tried, however.
  2. wow. i've been struggling with this problem for days, and about 2 minutes after i finally decide to post about it, i figure out what's going on. It seems like its actually a bug in windows! *shock* for some reason, when you run the Local Security Policy shortcut, it runs C:\windows\syswow64\secpol.msc /s this is not right! changing the shortcut to run: c:\windows\system32\secpol.msc /s fixes the problem. hope this helps some people.
  3. Hi guys, I'm getting this problem, where if you go start -> administrative tools -> Local Security Policy Then expand Security Settings -> Local Policies -> Security Options the first 9 or so settings will be: @appinfo.dll,-200 @appinfo.dll,-201 etc These settings refer to the UAC policies normally at the bottom of the list (alphabetical order, U comes last). Does anyone know why this might happen? I run vista x64, and a couple of other people at my work who run x64 vista have this problem, but the 32 bit vista versions don't seem to experience it. does anyone have any ideas why this might be? I have a screenshot here:
  4. i had the same issue, but it turned out to be another application I had installed previously, not the updates. it was Crossview, and it only seems to have a problem with vista x64 (2 machines have had this problem now)
  5. interesting, i've never used detachedProgram before.. what is it? also, looking at the hotfix, isn't KB888111 the next newer version? any reason you choose 835221 over 888111 ?
  6. thanks, unfortunately we have multiple different hardware types, and i don't want this sound card installation to happen for every bit of hardware, which this method will do.
  7. so it gets past the text based install part, starts the gui install part, then reboots and goes back to the first part of the gui install?
  8. in the i386 folder on the disk or wherever it is, try replcaing these two files: SETUPLDR.BIN SETUPLDR.EX_ with the same files from an original windowsXP sp2 disk.
  9. at what point does it get stuck? the text based install part? or gui? T minus what?
  10. is it finding customsettings.ini? it should be grabbing it off the network (depending on how much editing of the bdd process you've done) in the ZTIGather.wsf file, around line 184 is where it gets it: iRetVal = oUtility.FindFile("CustomSettings.ini", sIniFile) on the line after that, try putting msgbox("location of cusomsettings.ini: " & sIniFile) and it should print where its found the file, and you can then inspect it in the winPE environment to make sure its getting the file with all your custom settings. see how u go with that.. the cusomsettings.ini part works fine for me.
  11. you can definitely join the domain at any point. you'll need to grab netDom.exe for your OS, should be on the resource kit. then you can just run a script like this: netdom JOIN %COMPUTERNAME% /Domain:corp.bayadv /USERD:sec_builder /PasswordD:password that works for me (the join domain settings in unattend.txt doesn't work for me at all, so i _have_ to do this. but i call it in the cmdlines.txt part, not in guirunonce). you can specify which OU you put the PC in too, im not sure about how to get the OSC info.. you'll have to figure that bit our yourself, i don't use RIS or OSC
  12. yeah i'm having lame issues like this as well, specifically to do with the sound card drivers (which also have somethign to do with the modem as well). by slip streaming kb888111 into the XP source i was able to get most of the way done, now it will just popup a "new hardware found" wizard after the second reboot of my unattended XP install, i just click next next and it automatically installs (so yeah, it already has the drivers! it just wants me to click next next finish.. argh. all the correct audio drivers are in the devicePath reg entry :/ ). i've heard it has something to do with the fact that its some weird "two-tier" driver. http://www.deployvista.com/Default.aspx?ta...&EntryID=29 this article didn't work for me, during the unattended install in the text mode part it came up with an error "can't find hdaudbus.sys", so i'm assuming i did somethign wrong, but if i just removed the two entries from the txtsetup.sif file it got as far as i mentioned above, which is good enough for me for the moment.
  13. yeah, very occasionally this will happen to me too.. but a reboot seems to fix it.
  14. Hi, I've recently noticed that when I install an application with SMS 2003 (under the system account), it installs fine, but there is no mention of it in add/remove programs. If I look in the registry, in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\ it appears as a GUID (E0C9F4C2-1D0D-4FD4-9EBB-5E2F37E08101) entry, and if i compare the various entries inside it to other GUID entries, it appears almost identical. however for some reason it doesn't show up in the add/remove programs section! the only thing i can think of is GUID entries in the Uninstall path mentioned above must also correspond to GUID entries elsewhere in the registry.. does anyone know what this might be, or what my problem is? another thing to note, if i install the application manually (ie not under the system account with SMS), it WILL show up in my add/remove programs section. thanks.

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