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Nero 7 Lite/Micro


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Ok, I've confirmed slavestate's error.

Looks like a problem Major encountered before with I PM'ed him, and am waiting for a reply. If anyone else knows how to fix this, please PM me. ;)

For those of you that have successfully installed my version, any other issues? :huh:

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I don't know how to fix the activation problem, too. I just see, that Major's setup runs an AutoIt script that I think calls an activation screen and enters your data there. But I don't know which .exe it is, already tried. This is why I am waiting for major to release an SDK. :rolleyes:

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Peace Guyz, i will upload all the localized version and also the updated SDK within one or two days, then anyone can make his own version.

Patience please and Best Regards

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Hmm... the SDK would be nice, Major. But...

Honestly, I hadn't noticed the AutoIt script at the end of Major's Nero until Dynaletik mentioned it. And it makes it look like a hack (which I guess it is in a way...) I think there has to be a cleaner way to get through the Nero activation correctly.

I wish I had one of those programs that runs in the background and tells you what happens when you run another program. They're mainly used by hackers, but it would help me figure out what Nero's doing, and why it won't activate. I used to have one, but not anymore.

Anyways, my brains are fried. :wacko:

If I figure anything out, I'll post later.

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I deleted Demo and put a valid serial number. And was a fresh install (first installation of Nero with my OS).

Hmm SoftIce m8.

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Just a reminder to all MSFN users.

DO NOT post any URL's to an installer containing a valid serial number.

Even if this valid serial is only part of the install script and changed to Demo afterwards.

Users posting 'warez' are banned without notice.


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Thx for the tip, Shark. Will do.

I'm just trying to figure out a way to get through activation correctly. Of course, I don't really know how Nero does it, and I don't think Acheron did, either. Of course, in keeping with the forum rules (and good practice, too), we should try to keep the installers so that it at least 'emulates' the Nero installer - at least so much as the serial key/activation is concerned.

It's tough, though. I'm learning Inno from scratch, and the documentation is not very widespread. :}


Oh, you were referring to SoftICE... Okay, my bad. I didn't even know about that one 'til radix posted it. I had to 'Google' it. :P

Yeah, true, it's mainly used by hackers. But it does have some legitimate purposes, too. LOL. Still, I get your point. So, no more of that stuff. ;)

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After wasting time for the vote, finally the version is the same, only i have added MauSau Audio Plugins for the Micro Release. Also i have added the option to disable start menu folder. I have deleted Nero Recode because some people has told me that there are better utilities for encoding.

Updated the first post with the beta version Lite and Micro, please report feed back asap because perhaps this night i will upload all the localized versions and also the SDK. If you have any suggest, tell it please.

Best Regards.

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why not building just english versions, everyone knows english, i'm from fr and dont care about fr version.

lot of apps are only in english anyway.

All I can say is .. thank god the entire planet isnt as narrow minded as you.

FYI: Adobe Reader is distributed in 31 completely separate downloadable languages.

I doubt they do this because everyone knows english.


Edited by Shark007
to add an FYI
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