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nLite 1.3.5 - Patched Edition


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rado354, k, let me know if it breaks any addon which worked on the previous version.

inferno128, platonic I presume ;)

Mauri, haven't changed anything regarding that. Tried it once and it was something with Front Page Extensions...beats me. Anyway I ran sfc /scannow and inserted nlited CD and it took what it needed. But yeah it would be nice to have that fixed.

minigun, come back one year!

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Nuhi, I forgot to tell you too, during the extraction/integration of XP SP2, the program loads around 300MB Ram until it finishes and you click ok then restore the memory. is it normal or is it a bug? I saw it since earlier versions.

Also, I place IE7 in first place to integrate and then WMP11 secondly, but for some reason, WMP11 is integrated first and then IE7.... why?


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Well, I got this new problem in a new installation during the copy of the files:

can't copy WMPMDE.DLL @ 90% of the progress

can't copy WMVDECOD.DLL @ 91% of the progress

Using a new XP CD+SP2+IE7+WMP11 created with version 1.3.5 and WMP11 Slipstreamer 0.7 (running Vista Basic) the iso file was 600MB...

But running WinXP the iso file was 603MB.... why??? I used the same things in differente OS's and in this case the copy of the files was succesfull

CD-RW surface seems to be ok, no problem detected with CDCheck.

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mauri can u please attach your preset? (dont copy/paste......)

Which one? because I formated the pc with the vista basic and installed XP with the cd created on my xp machine.

I attach the file "ultima sesion" taken from my xp pc.


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tried your preset and all worked fine....

it is true that i didnt test on vista....i tested all on xp pro. but it should work fine on vista too

can u please try like this

copy cabinet.dll from xp to nlite folder

then retry. and post here if any errors occured.

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