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  1. Ok, I solved the problem choosing only to download all the updates and waited until they were 100% downloaded, and then pressed to install, was the only way to have it correctly
  2. Problem still there. EULA only one at the beggining of the downloads and that's all. May I try with another copy of windows 7? an untouched one or not? I have an original ISO of Premium x64 and I made another one with x86 / x64 versions of all Windows 7 available (I used this DVD)... I think nothing will change 'cause the installation completes with no problems at all. thanks
  3. Hello, I have a problem with my W7, I do a clean install in my laptop and no matter if I install drivers first or not, when I run WU and reaches 18% download takes hours to finish and do not install all the selected updates showing me there weren't installed XX updates. I have 2 laptops and in one of them I have to install only the wifi card, reboot and then run WU and do it correctly but if I install all the drivers first and then run WU don't install some of the uptades. Any kind of help to make the WU progress % bar goes on without hours of waiting for nothing. *** while stays on 18%, I go to "ver historial de actualizaciones" and I see the updates are being installed but almost all of them with "errores" in the status.... thanks
  4. has anybody experienced some kind of problem with the integration of IE7.0.5730.13??? released today?
  5. Did you try low level format with disk manager and then create partition with it? try that... and unplug all your USB devices (webcam, printer, scanner, etc)
  6. Dunno, I just made a disk for WinXP Pro SP2 for a Toshiba Satellite A85-S1072, and after installing any extra HW drivers, I am still recieving WFP errors. I know, the problem still exists, try using Windows File Protection Switcher 1.0 for 2K/XP/2K3 you can find it somewhere in this forum.
  7. Nuhi..... tired of getting different error msgs each time I decided to do another things.... I installed an empty HD and used the same nlited XP with this HD......... booted from CD and installation was successfull, no errors at all..... when I tried to re-install it the copy of files was ok in this HD, no problems at all. So what's going on? Why do not allow me to re-install with the HD I'm using? tells me everytime that it can't copy some kind of file and the CD is ok, with the other HD, the CD works perfect! Maybe because my HD is installed with an nlited cd made with nlite 1.3RC2 and because now I use an nlited CD 1.4 beta should be the reason? I have no idea and I need to sleep now One more thing... the PC I'm using is the same all the time, I only changed HD for testing.
  8. Nuhi, sorry..........another one This time using 1.4 beta and only integrated WMP11 and IE7 (besides SP2) I think nLited CD do not allow to reinstall OS. because I installed from zero another PC a few days ago and everything was ok. Even if I choose to continue the installation, when reboot, do not allow me to continue asking for that missing file that everytime I create a CD another file seems to be lost or something like that Mauri Ultima_Sesi_n.ini
  9. Nuhi, I got another error msg when trying to re-install XP PRO, this time using nLite 1.3.5 (previous was 1.4 beta) The size of both cd images are different in KB. Ultima_Sesi_n.ini
  10. Regedit search for SFCDisable and change the value to ffffff9d restart windows
  11. Nuhi, I got this error msg when I was trying to re-install XP PRO, I tried with 2 different CD-RW and 2 times creating an nlited image I got the same error message. Thanks. Mauri Ultima_Sesi_n.ini
  12. ffffff9d at least for me in XP PRO SP2
  13. Nuhi, can you please add support for the next release the posibility to integrate windows messenger 5.1.0706 so we can replace the old one included in XP. Thanks Mauri
  14. ohhhhhhhhhhhh yes! I need to know too when is coming the new beta/RC/final version, I want to reformat my HD and install xp again with a fresh and new nlited copy. please remove the WFP thing. thanks

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