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Computer wont boot up


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A motherboard which will not POST does not have the video card as an issue.

Motherboards which do not POST will usually have their problems revolving around four primary areas. Power, Motherboard, CPU and RAM.

If the CPU fan is turning when you try to start the computer and there is still no POST, chances are the problem is with your RAM. Try removing your stick of RAM and gently clean the pins of the stick of RAM using a white eraser. Then re-seat the RAM and try again. If that doesn't work, try using a different stick of RAM. If you still don't POST, try using a different power supply. It's possible that your motherboard may simply be dead, check it for leaked capacitors.

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That thing first crashed in the middle of use, then didn't boot windows (every time another defective file) and after that showed me a BIOS checksum error, only to boot up the next day I tried it.



That sounds more like a bad overclock. The temps may be too high for the overclock to work properly. Sorry.

It's likely that the temps are sky high! (I mean around 160F (70C) , if not 180F (90C or around there) or around there!)

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A bad hard drive wouldn't result in a non-POSTing system though. It may have been a fan...

I've also heard PSU's make some weird noises when they go bad. My bet is either with the RAM or PSU (and more likely the PSU).

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