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HOWTO: Windows Vista x86 and x64 in the same DVD


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Will hAwie's Permanent Activation method work for this?

And for god's sake chon_ or anyone, tell me what's the Windows Edition Number for Windows Vista Enterprise, I know about all the Windows Editions from MS

But what I mean is:

Number........Windows Edition


2..................Home Basic

3..................Home Premium


5..................Home Basic N

6..................Business N



I want to know what's the number corresponding to the "Enterprise" edition.


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ENTERPRISE version of vista is NOT included in the retail or OEM DVDs, as it's a "special" version sold only via specific channels to enterprise customers.

That's why you won't find this version in a "standard" DVD; hence it has no corresponding numer in the WIM image. In fact, if you want to add this version to your proyect, you'll need two DVDs: one "standard" DVD, and the enterprise DVD, this will leave you with two WIM file to work with ;)

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Thanks for your reply mate. But I've gotten Enterprise Edition already, so how to merge it with the other WIM?

I've seen a torrent online somewhere which has Enterprise along with all other editions in one DVDs... *-)


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How did Chon_ use a different (Probably French) language in the setup? :o

Originally Microsoft gives the setup in English by default.

Please reply with a decent way of doing it.

Thanks. :)


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Nice idea , but doesnt work for me.

After : imagex /export F:\VistaAIO\x86\install.wim 4 .\install.wim "Windows Vista Ultimate x86"

The timer starts but at 47% it stops and it says error exporting image #4 cant find the file.


I got it now

imagex /export F:\VistaAIO\x86\install.wim 1 F:\VistaAIO\Distribucion\SOURCES\newfile.wim "Windows Vista Ultimate x86"
imagex /export F:\VistaAIO\x64\install.wim 1 F:\VistaAIO\Distribucion\SOURCES\newfile.wim "Windows Vista Ultimate x64"

And how when i want this unattended?

How does a XML file looks like from a Vista AIO? :unsure:

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Hey thanks I did this with my Vista and Windows Longhorn Server 2008!!! All 13 editions of 2008!

Number	Windows Edition
1 Standard
2 Enterprise
3 Datacenter
4 Standard CORE*
5 Enterprise CORE*
6 Datacenter CORE*

* CORE Is the server system with no GUI "Graphical User Interface"


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Windows Longhorn is pretty old!

@Chon_ Originally, Windows Vista installation comes only in English, so how did you get it in another language? :o


I got spanish version DVDs, that's why my installations are in spanish, it is not multilanguage ;) (although it can be done the same way, you just need the .WIM files for each language);)

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The product key listed in a unattended install file decides which version to install. In this .wim, with combined 32bit and 64bit builds, does it still automatic pick the right vista version according to the key?

Any ideas? Or should I just test it next monday ;-)

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I tried this method with images where SP1 was integrated and when I choose not to insert a cd-key I get an error that the list of editions can't be loaded. Only when I insert a serial for a specific edition in the image it works. Anyone knows how to fix this?

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