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HOWTO: Windows Vista x86 and x64 in the same DVD


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hi, i am wondering if when i select the version x86 or x64 which i want to install, windows will select the boot.wim suitable for the version i have selected, because i inject drivers x64 or x86 depending on the version i wanted to install. For that reason, i need to have the two boot.wim (x86,x64). So my questions:

Can i combine the two boot.wim (x86,x64) in one file boot.wim ?

If I can, windows will select the suitable index from the boot.wim to install drivers?

If i can combine them, i have to combine the two index of each boot.wim or only the index 2 where i inject the drivers?

Or i have to inject the two versions of drivers x64 and x86 in the boot.wim (x86)? as in the first post, they say that x86 and x64 have the same boot.wim


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