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  1. It's only the language pack for it. it's useless.
  2. Do you mean that I can find that cab file in windows 8? Where?
  3. it doesn't have winpe-srt.cab. i need it to build Windows RE.
  4. where to find it? I need winpe-str.cab
  5. I'm trying to run irfanview to scan and attach the scanned file to a new mail. But the problem is I can't add parameters. This is what I have now. It works when I don't have parameters, if I add them then I get file not found. Anyone can help? Thank you. Sub test1() Dim RetVal On Error GoTo ErrorHandler RetVal = Shell("C:\Program Files (x86)\IrfanView\i_view32.exe /scan /jpgq=50 /convert=c:\temp\scan50.pdf", 1) End ErrorHandler: If RetVal = 0 Then Msg = "File not Found" Else Msg = Err.Description End If MsgBox Msg End Sub
  6. How to deploy tracking protection lists? I want to set this list during setup. Is it possbile? Thank you.
  7. Hello. I'm trying to make an software ap using the hostednetwork feature from windows 7. the only problem is that I can't make it work on the 5Ghz band. I have an intel 6300n wireless adapter. I disabled the 2,4ghz band and also I selected only wireless a from the driver tab, but no luck. Can anyone help with this problem? Thank you.
  8. so there is no way to load syslinux from bootmgr?
  9. I already use pxelinux to boot using pxe. So I prefer to use the same syntax. That's why I ask about loading syslinux from bootmgr.
  10. Hello. Is it possible to load syslinux from bootmgr? I have a usb stick with windows 3.1 pe on it and I want to add syslinux.
  11. that's a good point. didn't know about inv32.xml. but still I prefer RDP rdp client is present on every windows instalation. dart remote viewer is not.
  12. I can start the service automatically when winpe is starting using winpeshl.ini
  13. I want to connect to it using RDP. I can use DART but I have to enter that authorization key. So there is no point to use dart because I have to go to read the key. This is a problem when using PXE boot. Sometimes the computer is not in the same room. Right now I use ultravnc but I don't like it. @Kullenen_Ask I don't care if it's complicated. Did you manage to do it?
  14. I know I can use grub first and load winpe from it. But I don't want that. I want to use windows boot manager and from it to load grub4dos. Is this possible or not? and I need this to work with pxe.

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