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Unattended Secret: Reducing Size Of Source


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You need two copies of the cd ident files. One goes in the root of the cd, the other set goes in Pro1 (and pro2 and 3, too). Your last directory listing is good otherwise, though. The Docs directory could go whereever you wish I suppose, I just delete it. :)

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HI Gosh

Gread guide. However i run into problem. Here it is. I used GreenMachine XPCREATE and I have made unatt CD with all hotfixes and SAta drivers. CD was made using One step cd creation option so it has all hotfixes slipstreamed. Now when I typed E:\XPCREATE\CDROOT\I386\winnt32.exe /dudisable /noreboot /unattend:E:\XPCREATE\CDROOT\I386\winnt.sif all started ok but half way thru i got this error "An error occuredcopuing filendsuio.sys to C:\........." and options to RETRY, SKIP FILE, or EXIT SETUP. Well I'm not sure if that was animprotant file. I have tried it with normal CD and it worked.

Maybe I should Slim it down and then use GM CPCREATE or maybe you have something else in mind?EDIT Is this possible to make bootable CD or floppy that only points to the files on HDD and continues from there. I have SATA RAID 0 and 1 40GB backup HDD. I bet it would be really fast to install off that backup drive.

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I've never seen that error before so i assume it happened sometime after reducing source.

You could edit the SetupSourcePath to point to your hard drive (might need to do \disk1\partition1\ that kind of thing) to have the cd use the source on the hard drive. Or you could install using winpe.


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I have a question, be it dumb or simple...but at the end of this guide(Your website's),

1. And if I use your way, is Winxp still complete as it was before the size reducing?

2. Can I use the Original Windows XP Installation(blue screen and intro) installer to install xp? And if so, how do I do it?

3. Can I not use the DISKEMU.exe installer? And use Setup.exe or whatever is default? Because I tried using the default and it wouldnt work.

4. After this way of reducing, can I still remove some components such as IIS Server, WMP and Windows media from the cd?

Thanks so much.

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