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Unattended Secret: Reducing Size Of Source


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If your cd key is bad make sure you're using the right key. If volume license then the product key screen will say contact your admin, if OEM it'll say contact oem, if retail it'll say see the sticker on the package.


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Any idea how to add winternals Erd Commander 2003

I’ve renamed the directory  I386 (from erd commander) to ERDC

and edited setupldr.bin, spcmdcon.sys, txtsetup.sif, and xpboot.bin with hex editor replaced the word i386 with ERDC 

works fine the only thing what won’t work is FILERESTORE

Have to say I don’t use Diskemu  (diskem1x.zip) but EasyBoot


I followed first post and gosh guide and stopped by: Rename xpboot.bin to VOL1.DAT (all capital letters).

And start with :

rename and copy  xpboot.bin to:

VOL1.bin (edited and replace i386 to VOL1)

VOL2.bin (edited and replace i386 to VOL2)

ERDC.bin (edited and replace i386 to ERDC)

Place the files in the ezboot directory

Start > EasyBoot > MENU (TEXT)

[1] PowerQuest PartitionMagic          >  run PQPM.IMG

[2] Setup Windows XP Pro Unattend  >  run VOL2.bin

[n] Setup Windows XP Pro Normal    >  run VOL1.bin

[3] ERD Commander 2003                >  run ERDC.bin

save > Make ISO


10/10/2003  07:31 AM    <DIR>          .

10/10/2003  07:31 AM    <DIR>          ..

10/10/2003  07:31 AM    <DIR>          $OEM$

10/10/2003  07:31 AM    <DIR>          Documents and Settings

10/10/2003  07:31 AM    <DIR>          ERDC

10/10/2003  07:31 AM    <DIR>          ezboot

01/20/2002  03:37 AM                 cdmenu.ezb

01/20/2002  03:37 AM                 erdc.bin

01/20/2002  03:37 AM                 loader.bin

01/20/2002  03:37 AM                 PQPM.IMG

01/20/2002  03:37 AM                 VOL1.bin

01/20/2002  03:37 AM                 VOL2.bin

10/10/2003  07:31 AM    <DIR>          I386

10/10/2003  07:31 AM    <DIR>          VOL1

10/10/2003  07:31 AM    <DIR>          VOL2

01/20/2002  03:37 AM                WIN51

01/20/2002  03:37 AM                WIN51IP

01/20/2002  03:37 AM                WIN51IP.SP1

01/20/2002  03:37 AM                SPNOTES.HTM

10/10/2003  07:52 PM                winbom.ini

ok know Filerestore from ERD Commander ….any?


I got the same problem, too. Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

thank you.

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I have been having the same problem that has been mentioned several times in the posts in this topic, and it seems to be unresolved as of yet. i was thinking it may work to use your already put together unattended cd normally, except change the unattend mode to attended, and use the <shift> <F10> method to open a console during the gui mode setup. you could then get to one of setup's "stopping points" when the system is static (ie no changing around of files) and copy the files mentioned by gosh at the beginning of the topic to a different dir, and once everything is up and running you can copy those files to where they need to go.

this is just an untested theory at this point, but does it sound plausible to you gosh? anyway, i'll give it a try and if i find that it works before someone knowledgeable has a chance to [hopefully not] debunk my idea, then i'll post my findings.



Ya, it didnt work. nevermind.

Just the same, is there anyone who knows why my windows cd suddenly wants a "volume license" when i run winnt32.exe /noreboot with the same key that i use for the autoinstall cd that i have used quite a few times. this is obviously a recurring issue that has yet to be fully addressed.

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No, it seems like a case of copy protection that is so "good" that it causes problems. RIAA's cds that won't play in computers, you get the picture. i dunno, i could be wrong, but if i paid for a product i think i should be able to do whatever the hell i want with it short of distibuting it to others including making a unattended CD. anyway, i know that this is a non-piracy endorsing site, but i think that given the sircumstances i think that the following peice of advice is appropriate: if you are having the same problem (legit cd key not working), i would just scour the web until i found a cd-key that worked.

i apologize if this needs to be/gets edited by the mods.


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If you have a legit key and it's not working, microsoft can always generate you a new one for free. There are some legitimate reasons why the key wouldn't work, such as antivirus enabled in the bios, or using the keypad on the keyboard.


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are you using a cracked version of ERD?  I know some group released a crack version that missed a bunch of stuff.


When I use Erd.Commander.2003.exe to make one ISO file, then I can use that ISO to boot and filerestore can use, too. But When I wanna add it to my XP disk.

Then filerestore can't work. It is very weird. I edited setupldr.bin, spcmdcon.sys, txtsetup.sif. I can entered Erd.Commander.2003 and it can work. Only filerestore can't work. Do I need to edit anything else? Could you show me how in detail?

Thank you very much.

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hello gosh

have you more detailed information for what the "lang" folder of the

xp/2000 cd's is good for? i'm using german versions of the cd ... is it

possible to delete this folder without damaging the install process?


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Hey guys. This might have already been asked but with 30 pages, I figured it'd be easier to run the risk and ask it.

In the winnt.sif file created with this method there is a key/value:


Now, what does that key/value do? I'm going to try this later to see but first I thought I'd ask. I doubt it does what I think it should but it's worth a shot.

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I could be wrong, but i think that relates to the boot.ini. I'm pretty sure it forces xp to use the bios to find the boot partition or something. The boot.ini usually finds the partition by the partition number, that would force XP to use signatures to find the OS. I hope that answers your question.


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