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Unable to view many important vista features


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Hey guys, I've got a good one for you. I'm using Vista Ultimate x64 and everything has been working fine. Until this morning when I was playing around with trying to send my buddy the windows "flip" shortcut because he had removed it and couldnt figure out how to get it back. I copied the shortcut to my desktop (it was in my quick-launch bar) and when I double click it to make sure it still works, it brought up the typical vista alt+tab screen. Now this is not something that I expected because I have a really nice computer, right now as it sits, this rig has a vista score of 5.8 (5.9 is the max vista goes right now).

So, what I thought had happened is that somehow Aero got disabled. I right click on the desktop and go to Personalize to check and make sure I still have Aero enabled, and guess what happens? Nothing, I just get the waiting cursor and then nothing happens, it just pretends like I didnt do anything. So then I try to get into the options a different way, I think to go through control panel. Control panel does the same thing, just blips on the screen for a second and then bam, nothing happens.

As it stands right now, I cant get into ANY of the vista properties menu's or even right click and choose manage from my computer. I realize that this might not make much sense, but its really weird. I'm not sure what happened.

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