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  1. No, we used DVDs until we switched to flash drives.
  2. I'm trying to configure the unattended so that a profile is made with all neccessary settings in place. This works, but on the first boot, windows logs in as Administrator, and then allows me to log in as the user I created after a reboot. I've tried changing the AutologonCount to 0, but that only keeps windows from automatically loggin on as Admin, or in other words, prompts me to enter the Administrator password. Thanks for the help, Kevin
  3. If I right-click on "Computer", select "Properties", then try to click on "Device Manager" in the left column, nothing happens. I see the circular hourglass replacement thing for a fraction of a second, but it doesn't do anything. However, I can click on "Advanced system settings", select the "Hardware" tab, and get to the device manager that way. I have installed Vista on four other computers using the same disc, and none of them have this problem. I know this isn't REALLY a problem, considering I can still get to the device manager, but I would like to know what's going on. Thanks for the help, Kevin
  4. Thanks nightthief. I had asked the same question on the eVGA forums after posting here on the chance that it's a card-specific thing and got the same answer. Nevertheless, you're right
  5. I just put together a computer with an E6600, a 8800GTS, and 2GB of ram. Whenever I try to rate the system, It just ends up with a 1, greyed out, saying "new hardware detected". The processor, ram, and hard drive rate correctly, but both ratings for the video card show up as 1.0. Aero works, and the driver for the video card is installed, so what could be going on?
  6. What happens if a newer version of an update were to come out and be integrated, for example, anti-whatever tools, definition updates, etc. Is the installation smart enough to install updates in the order they were created, or could something get FUBAR'ed?
  7. There is a workaround that I've found. Install bartpe on a usb flash drive so that you can boot off of it. Then, get Windows Server 2003 SP1 PE and make it an iso. Delete the bartpe.iso on your flash drive, replacing it with the iso you made from the Windows Server PE, and rename it to bartpe.iso. This Windows PE, version 1.6, supports installing Vista from PE, and boots just as bartpe would. If your computer only boots using USB 1.1, loading the Windows Server 2003 PE (renamed to bartpe.iso of course) can take upwards of 20 minutes. But, it works
  8. Thanks, that works perfectly! Booting off of the WinPE 2.0 disc I made and pointing it to setup.exe on the flash drive is just what I needed. Thanks again.
  9. Thanks for the tip; I've removed the autorun.inf from my USB drive, as it's not needed
  10. I have two monitors and Ultramon, and can easily take a picture and stretch it across the screens. But, I have no idea how I can span DreamScene. Anybody have any ideas?
  11. Have you tried booting off of the Vista DVD and using "Repair"? You might get lucky.
  12. There was an article about Vista in an issue of PC Magazine from halfway through 2006. One of the topics was game performance. Although nothing was mentioned regarding XP games being slower, I remember reading about how the original XBox, with it's 733MHz PIII and 64MB of RAM, was able to run Halo 2 so well. It had something to do with how the software was able to talk directly to the hardware, without having to go through the windows graphics device interface, or whatever the fudge it's called. Games written specifically for Vista should do the same thing. Back then, they cited something like a 30% performance boost. As long as that doesn't turn out to be complete and utter BS, I don't think I'll mind keeping my dual-boot config just so I can play XP games in XP and Vista games in Vista. Unless you can't keep XP on a separate partition due to Windows Upgrade (and even that can supposedly be circumvented), there's no reason not to have both.
  13. I tried the method in the second link again, but this time switched my driver folder name from "IASTOR" to "sata" inside $OEM$\$1\DRIVERS\ and somehow it worked I try as much as possible to look before I ask. I hung around the ipodlinux forums about a year ago, and some of those know-it-alls are incredibly rude when it comes to new people. Makes ya learn quick Sometimes I guess it depends how you word your search. Thanks again; this little iastor.sys problem has had me pounding my head against the wall for the last week
  14. I did search before I posted. Everything I've found, including the three links you posted, assumes $OEM$ is in the root of the disc. This has obviously skewed the path to iastor.sys under [sourceDisksFiles].
  15. I haven't done this yet, but try searching the registry for "dreamscene" edit- check out HKCU\Control Panel\Desktop, specifically the string value "WallPaper". HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\DreamScene HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Themes\LastTheme I haven't actually seen a DWORD where you can simply switch a value though (like 0=off, 1=on, that kind of thing) New edit- It's the second one, HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\DreamScene that does this. If you have a static, boring plain old picture wallpaper currently being used, the string value named "FilePath" will be blank. To turn on DreamScene, give it a value "C:\Windows\Web\Windows DreamScene\vidxxxx.mpg", substituting xxxx for 1337, 8897,8898 8899, or 9899, depending on what one of the currently available five mpgs you want to use.
  16. I've been using a computer for Vista testing that is incapable of booting Vista installation from a flash drive. It WILL boot pretty much anything else from usb, but sadly not vista Anyways, I've been looking for a command to install Vista from the hard drive, like what is used with windows XP: i386\ winnt32 /syspart:c: /tempdrive:c /unattend:winnt.sif but, I can't find anything on the subject. This computer can boot bartpe from USB, so I figured I could just throw Vista on the same key. Thanks for the help, Kevin
  17. I can't believe it's that simple, considering we're dealing with Microsoft and all. Thanks alot!
  18. Everywhere I've read says that the unattended.xml file goes on a floppy, usb, or cd-rom, but NOT the disc/device that actually contains Vista. In Windows XP, the TXTSETUP.SIF was placed in the i386 folder. Is there anywhere I can put the xml file so that it is on the same thing with which I install Vista?
  19. Recently I tried installing windows XP from WinPE. I started with a DVD that had the $OEM$ folder in the root, and moved it the i386 folder. Now, after the files are copied to the hard drive, and the computer is restarted, I get an error saying file iaStor.sys could not be found. To bypass this, I simply deleted iaStor.sys from the [sourceDisksFiles] section of the TXTSETUP.SIF file so that iaStor.sys isn't looked for, but this is only a temporary fix, as I need to have those RAID drivers loaded. Any ideas?
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