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Ad-Aware 2007 Beta3

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Bug Updates - Beta 3

The Ad-Aware 2007 Beta is beta quality software, meaning we are in the process of working out some kinks and implementing upcoming features. In response to your official bug reports, the beta forum, and known bugs, we will present a weekly sampling of bug updates and corrections.

Graphic User Interface

* A bug that caused the GUI to crash if the display is set to a higher DPI rate than 96 has been fixed. Users with displays set above this rate will now be able to run the GUI, but fonts will not be displayed correctly.

* The main system for handling graphics has been rewritten, increasing the GUI’s speed.

* The GUI’s tab component has been rewritten.

* A bug has been fixed in Ad-Watch so that a notification message will appear if users attempt to run Ad-Watch when the application is already running.

* System restore point option has been removed for Windows 2000 operating systems, due to the technology not being supported by Microsoft.

* Lost connection to service when Windows hibernates is fixed.

* Ad-Aware 2007 “lost connection” dialog message is fixed and only launches with lost connection to the service.

* Removed memory leak after closing Ad-Aware.

* The “Windows Start-up Scan” setting can now be implemented from the Settings menu.

* Screensavers cannot be activated during scanning (Smart, Full and Custom Scans) in order to prevent a “Lost connection” error to the Ad-Aware service.

* Improvements to GUI speed on select tabs.

* “Scanner is busy” error message removed when “Start-Up Scan” mode is set to Smart or Full Scan in the Settings menu.

* Multiple minor corrections made in response to forum submissions.


* Messages and a tray icon for scheduled scans and updates have been added.

* A bug in register scan that reported the wrong count of scanned items has been fixed.

* Ad-Watch no longer uses 100 percent CPU.

* A fix has been made to the Hosts File Editor so a dialog box will notify users of accepted or unaccepted entries when importing to the existing Hosts file.

* Database now displays the date of the last incremental update as the database date (core engine).

* Tweaked callback for preparing file hash scan.

* A template bug used for standard windows directories (%temp%, %appdir% etc) is fixed (core engine).

* The service now registers its own failure actions, instead of relying on sc.exe during the installation process which does not work on Win2k.

* Now able to stop process during “preparing GUID scan.”

* Now able to stop process during “preparing File hash scan.”

* Removed the call to sc.exe during installation in response to installation problems concerning Win2K.

Coming Attractions

* Browser hijack detection in Opera and Firefox

* Ad-Watch Connect


Ad-Aware 2007 Beta 3

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I signed up for testing of the Release Candidate which was scheduled for release in May. I figured if I were to test that, I'd receive an e-mail about a beta being released. Oh well, time to test it.

I tried to run it in VMware Workstation and no matter what I do, I receive:


Detect clock manipulation!

And running it locally doesn't give me an error but the application doesn't work. aawservice.exe - 17MB in Task Manager but that's all. The interface is excessive but I suppose that's only while they have "2007 beta" plastered on it. I'd consider this alpha at this point. :P

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I, too, signed up for the Beta testing, and was surprised to see that the Beta is out for anyone to have a go at it. If you download it from Lavasoft, you have to answer a survey of some kind, but other sites have direct links.

Much of the improvements must be "behind the scenes", since I don't noticed anything significantly new in this version. Keeping in mind that it is a Beta version, I have to say that I hope they haven't finished the UI. It looks thrown together without much thought, and looks worse than some applications designed ten years ago. You would think that they would have at least one good designer on their team.

I assume that it utilizes the same Definitions update as the current version, so I don't see any reason to update Ad-Aware in the near future. It's possible that they'll change the way updates work, so we'll have to accept the newer Ad-Aware, even if we don't care to use it.

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Tried it just for fun. Don't have a use for them apps, but it's always fun to see the results (couldn't hurt to do a scan either, been way over a year).

It's quite slow, especially checking all the hashes. I don't have that much patience. And it seems buggy. It sound 28 "infections" supposedly: 22 cookies (Oh noes! Cookies! Run for your life!) - and 6 entries I've manually added to my hosts file for a couple problematic sites. Doing a custom scan found nothing unsurprisingly. I'm surprised some people still need those type of apps these days.

Bah! New GUI, but otherwise...

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If you ever worked in a Customer Service type job for a website that people can order pictures on, you'd be surprised at some answers people give you. Yesterday I had a woman say she was on a 4 year old Mac using IE5.2 (?!) and today a woman told me she didn't even have a computer. Imagine these people playing Poker online and clicking the "You're our 999,999th visitor, click the eternally shaking window with a picture of a dream vacation and enter your credit card info for instant prizes via our secret courier!"


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Jeremy - That's very true. I worked for an isp helpdesk for a few months and some people had trouble "clicking on the start button"

I ran adaware yesterday for the first time in 9 months, only found 2 cookies, I guess msfn hasn't given me any virus or spyware troubles, not like that time I let my girlfriend on my pc for ten minutes and she kindly downloaded a "free registry scan" because my pc had "serious errors". I suppose she was only trying to help :realmad:

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I worked for an isp helpdesk for a few months and some people had trouble "clicking on the start button"

When I was hired 8 mnths ago the guy who interviewed me was telling me a story how he spent 2 hours on the phone with a woman who couldn't figure out why she wasn't able to get into the Start Menu with her mouse. Turns out she was literally picking the mouse itself (physically) and tapping it against her screen on the, obviously, bottom left corner. :w00t:

I ran adaware yesterday for the first time in 9 months, only found 2 cookies

Yeah, Ad-Aware only ever finds MRU entries and a cookie whenever I do a scan. I should try this Beta 2 out.

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