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I guess you use WinXP SP2, then all hotfixes after SP2 should be supported.

Before SP2 may or may not work, there is no guarantee for older hotfixes.

The reason for that is that you are better of integrating a service pack than all hotfixes!

On Microsoft Download Center you can sort by date and OS, then you know exactly what you need.

But I would recommend Windows Updates Downloader because it is faster.

no there is no list, because there is no need for a list.


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Well, you guess well - really WinXP SP2 - but I don't use Internet Explorer anymore - it was removed about one year ago - just with nlite.

So the site of M$ isn't for me available - so I will use a prefabrecated pack, which made some good people, and I will perhaps integrate only critical updates (those should be "supported", or?), to avoid even bigger mess :-) It's true SP2 was a great jump ahead. (more then half of the system is new).

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Critical updates and the ones you know you need.

Check the description on each update.

That is how I do, I just take what I need.

But ask yourself this, is it worth updating components in your windows source that you are gonna remove with nLite?

Thats one of the reasons to just integrate what you need.

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To atomizer - I have czech version.

I own up, that I'm not sure, whether I have some componets in my "nlited" WinXP,the hotfixes relate to.

Perhaps the utility Belarc Advisor could show me, the hotfixes I need for my "nlited" WinXP.

But I hope, nlite will properly remove all "supported" unneeded hotfixes,

if I order to remove components of WinXP, these hotfixes relates to.

Or not ?

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I have a question that is related to this.

I have a source that has been updated including feb updates (org sp2 ms disc eng) with HFslip. This disc works great with no issues after I just remove with nlite.

When march rolls around and MS release ~ 15 new hotfixes can I use nlite and ryans pack to update what I have? Will that work?

Or do I have to download the march updates only and use nlite to integrate them? will that work?

Or would I have to use hfslip again to integrate the march updates.

What way works the best? Obviously hfslip would work but I want to know if ryans pack and nlite are smart enough to know whats there and only add the new stuff. Or if Nlite was smart enough to include only march stuff.

I bet some of you have tried this or at least thought about it. Thanks in advance.

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Borec, nLite will not install unsupported hotfixes.

Still, try MS Download Center



Or check


and change to Czech

Madhits45, if you are askin if you can update your updated source, it should work with ryans pack and nLite.

But a clean source is always recommended to update.

I had an issue before with an older nLite, updated the windows source and just continued updating with newer nLite versions.

That messed up something in my last nLited WinXP, it didn't want to boot.

But when I updated a clean source with all updates, it worked perfectly.

How it is with RC2 I do not know, I used nLite C4.

can't wait for final! :P

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P. S. - can I someways recognize during adjusting of the nlite - on the hotfixes integration page - whether some hotfix will integrate,

or will only later install (perhaps all hotfixes should be integrated, if I don't use any newer, than the version of nlite, or ...) ?

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Borec, I told you before, check Display Reports in Advanced in the hotfix section.

Then nLite will tell you if a certain hotfix can't be directly integrated, then it asks you if you want to use the regular integration.

Regular means, the hotfix is installed during windows setup/install.

If the hotfix you want to integrate is available in version 1 and version 2, it's best if you keep track of it.

Don't just integrate all, it's better to only take what you need!

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