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Install Vista on 256MB RAM

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you might have noticed that, VISTA refused to install on the machine consisting 256 MB RAM.

Now you can install Vista on 256 MB RAM machine replacing the file on your DVD or Source.

Eg:- X:\vista\sources\winsetup.dll

But it is not recommended to install VISTA on just 256MB RAM. Hope u upgrade ur RAM soon

Download Patched Winsetup.dll

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hi i have a 320MB RAM and 766MHZ old pc, will it still install?? i have a another question! can i run vista ultimate on virtual pc 2007 with 256MB ram installed and windows xp??? please help me!!

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If you patch winsetup and install, it'll install on 320MB of RAM, or 256MB in a VM. It removes the RAM check, although there are features of Vista (like Media Center) I wouldn't suggest running, even on 512MB of RAM.

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The patch to bypass the check for RAM is winsetup.dll in this thread. And yes, it'll run on Virtual PC, just without any Aero.

But it'll run like crap :)

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I try this this morning, but nothing work ! Windows vista ask me again that there is not enough memory

I put the DLL file in dvdsource\sources\ : nothing

Then i mount the install.wim and replace the original one : dvdources\mount\windows\system32\oobe\ : nothing

Windows doen't install itself

MayBe did we need to put this dll file into the Boot.wim ?

If anyone try this, please share a little simple tuto for others !!

PS : i try just an other release shared by a friend, i copy the sources files then when i look in with Vlite : 256 mb was

fixed automatically but when i look in my release, 256 Mb is fixed to default and doen't accept to be fixed in 256 mb at all

It's strange !!

Thanks for whom who can help me !!

Best regards

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Hi eveybody...

I've just try another test, i just copy the Boot.wim coming from a little release shared by a friend

This relase can install itself with only 256 mb.

So i copy this boot.wim into my original DVD source, then create a new ISO without using Vlite

I try to boot then no problemo !!!! so it seems to be something into the Boot.wim !

I am installing Windows Enterprise now... so i turn back to you if i got some more info


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