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  1. im currently building a 64bit windows vista system i poped the processor into my old comp over clocked to 4ghz i almost fell over so ye 64bit-the way to go currently on 32 bc of an older processor intel pentium m 1.8ghz new amd64 stock speed is 3.2ghz
  2. i had the same problem used to download at 700kb/s steady dropped to a lowsy 100kb/s so i upgrade to vista finally i download at an amazing 800kb/s steady now so id just say upgrade
  3. its vistas new feature there is a way to set your account as FULL OWNERSHIP rights but i forget how but they say its more risky thts way an admin account in vista is like a standard account in xp just google make vista admin account act like xp admin account
  4. hmm maybe check like under the control panel sections in the registery liek desktop to
  5. theres no reason really to completely remove just right click your task bar and go to toolbars and click quicklaunch and taa daa its gone
  6. hmm ive nvr seen tht done maybe someone can just mimic it for vista ask a programmer
  7. processor-4.6 graphics-5.6=) ram-4.8-i got 4gb hd-4.5
  8. i just installed linux i can do clean install it doesnt matter because i had everything backed up on a 500gb external hd so i can install vista clean it will install of linux right?
  9. but in safe mode i dont get like a task bar i can only get command prompt
  10. I ran vize right after my computer was finished im currently running of a bootable linux cd, i dont have my vista cd bc its at a friends house so can some zip there system32 files and allow me to use them so i can get back online like normal please
  11. u have to disable the windows firewall but just to let u know vista doesnt need a firewall the built in one is just as good as zone alarm just no reports so just stay up-to-date and ull be fine
  12. when ever i stand by when i hit the power button to come back it will load up but the display wont show btw i got a laptop not a dekstop
  13. i tryed and tryed nothing can you post soemthing and let me test?
  14. Hi i was wondering what free email accounts work with windows email all these ive tryed yahoo,gmail,hotmail,live none work so what does?
  15. hey i run vista ultimate x86 on 512mb ram it runs amazing maybe u should experience it before your judge it!

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