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  1. hi, i need some help urgently, i have heard that it is possible to modify your BIOS to make windows recognize something else!! example if you have a 32MB ram U CAN MAKE windows recognize it as 128MB, is this true?? i wanna modify my BIOS, i have 320MB of RAM and want to make to 512MB! i have a QDI p3 motherboard, i dont know its serial etc.. but its a good one!! can any1 help me or provide me with a guide or something helpful pls?? i really need it
  2. can it be run in virtual pc?? or even on my old pc??? give me some help pls!! even on my low processor?? i there any patch or crack that helps to bypass these checks by vista??
  3. hi i have a problem, i have an old windows xp installed pc intel pentium 3 with 320Mb of RAM, i have virtual pc 2007, my question is, can i run a copy of windows vista ultimate on virtual pc?? with the following!! pls help me!!
  4. hi i have a 320MB RAM and 766MHZ old pc, will it still install?? i have a another question! can i run vista ultimate on virtual pc 2007 with 256MB ram installed and windows xp??? please help me!!
  5. ya i know but still wanna try it!! i have a very good mother board, once i had changed the processor to P4 and it had supported it without the need to change any other device!! if i cant get any version of that or links. pls email it to @ <removed>! pls i really wanna give a try to it and need it
  6. hi!! i have a question and hopefully i need an answer! well i have an old PC Pentium 3 which works really great with xp, its hardware are as follows : graphics card 64MB processor 733MHz RAM 320 MB ( can b upgraded to 512MB ) sound card - creative blaster CD-RW 52x my question is can i install a lite version of vista on it?? can i have any link where i can download it?? i have a laptop with xp and all needy requirements for vista but for the time being i wanna install it on my PC, can anyone help me please!!

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