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I was a little bored last night so i thought i would write a little cmd script to write all my files and reg tweaks and put them all together and create an iso and burn a disc. Here is my code see if anyone can beat this :) happy reading...lol...


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devil270975: Don't worry, I understand where you are comming from. I like to create scripts that create scripts in order to save time. I also do it to prove to myself that there isn't anything I can't do by command script. I had someone once argue that it's impossible to create a timer script that would count down and launch a program when it hits zero. Proved him wrong. It's a thrill, right? I have scripts to do everything you could ever imagine. I have to administer over 500 PCs and when you have to do something to all of them scripts come to great use. Anything can be done using a batch script. I will take any challenge that says not. :-D

I would recommend that you take parts of your script such as the reg keys and put them into an "INI" file of some kind and search that using the for command (

EXAMPLE: file.ini

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Hardware Profiles\0001\System\CurrentControlSet\Enum\ROOT\NTAPM]

for /f %%i in (file.ini) DO echo %%i>>XP\$OEM$\$1\Install\NTAPM.cmd

I would also make the winnt.sif file a stand alone file and use the FOR statement on it as well. It's nice to have everything together, but seem to have done way too much work. I am sure it's hell to find what you want to edit. By calling files from other places you can make it easier to edit. You can even add options at the beginning to ask for filenames and such so you can try different things without editing your existing files. You could also create prompts to change items on the fly.

Example winnt.sif


set /p siffile=Enter location and name of desired SIF file:

set /p cn=Enter desired name of Computer:

for /f %%i in (%siffile%) do echo %%i>>file.txt

I don't really dig the 1 file thing, but if that is how you would like to do it then it's kewl. Maybe some of my suggestions help. Let me know.

Good Luck!

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not bad. looks hard.


for this too work do I have to put my xp cd contents in a folder call XP_BACKUP.

with a folder call SVCPACK in the i386 folders or is it in the root folder of xp_backup






-->support tools






-->support tools

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---->Microsoft Corporation.img



---->{All your program folders}






------>type1 hotfixes


------>type2 hotfixes




---->all files go here ie: oeminfo.ini


---->all files from xp disc

hope this explains it a little


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i suppose theres no prize for the shortest  :)  :D my thinking is if you got a massive cmd script your going the wrong way.. reg tweaks in hive files, hotfixes in cmdlines.txt and a few third party apps in a cmd  :rolleyes:

no this is to create a XPCD setup not the appz etc. :D

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