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Activate Aero glass and flip 3d in home basic?


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What do you call this then?


There is no Glass, there is no Flip3D.

True. I think you just proved the difference between Aero and Aero Glass.

What I have as Windows Aero is what we call Aero Glass. What you have as Windows Vista Standard is Aero. I don't have that. I only have

Windows Aero -- Aero with glassy effect

Windows Vista Basic -- Red colored Close button is much smaller - you know this one.

Windows Standard -- pretty much Windows XP classic style

Windows Classic -- pretty much Windows 98 style

What you got is Windows Vista Standard which is Aero without glass.

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I was running Vista Home Basic in that screenshot.

In Home Premium and higher, go into system properties and click the text link in the top left corner, "System Protection" then click the advanced tab, then click the first settings button near the top. There should be an option to "enable glass/transparency" or something. Turn that off, and thats pretty much what I'm running, except I don't have all the fancy animations. When a new window pops up and stuff. Nor the flip3d.

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To my understanding, "Aero" is just the technology behind, featuring transparency, 3d and other fancy stuff. The rest are just themes using it to some degree, i.e. with or without the glass effect. Just like GDI+ and GDI+ applications, both are needed to see the nice result, but they are not the same thing. So if home basic supports the technology but only lacks the theme, it should be somewhat trivial to add it, but if the core is missing as well... then it might require some more work

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but this only hacks Glass on Forms, but doesn't enable Flip3D.

All features are based on license policies.

<sl:policyInt name="Microsoft-Windows-DesktopWindowManager-Core-Flip3dAllowed" attributes="proxy-executed, override-only">1</sl:policyInt> 
<sl:policyInt name="Microsoft-Windows-DesktopWindowManager-Core-TransparencyAllowed" attributes="override-only">1</sl:policyInt>
<sl:policyInt name="Microsoft-Windows-DesktopWindowManager-Core-ThumbnailsAllowed" attributes="override-only">1</sl:policyInt>
<sl:policyInt name="Microsoft-Windows-DesktopWindowManager-Core-AnimatedTransitionsAllowed" attributes="override-only">1</sl:policyInt>
<sl:policyInt name="Microsoft-Windows-DesktopWindowManager-Core-CompositionAllowed" attributes="override-only">1</sl:policyInt>

All these settings are 0 in Home Basic and Starter.

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