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  1. To my understanding, "Aero" is just the technology behind, featuring transparency, 3d and other fancy stuff. The rest are just themes using it to some degree, i.e. with or without the glass effect. Just like GDI+ and GDI+ applications, both are needed to see the nice result, but they are not the same thing. So if home basic supports the technology but only lacks the theme, it should be somewhat trivial to add it, but if the core is missing as well... then it might require some more work
  2. Nah, this does not work, I have tested the gpedit stuff, it has worked prior to the RTM. The only thing that did work is the crack for the vista. Not the crack itself, but something it does prior to that. I read it somewhere while desperately searching for a solution to this annoying driver signing and came to this one. I'll try to filemon/regmon what the crack does and report back
  3. Lol being using the "holy option" it works like charm without korean lang support needed
  4. Confirmed, component cache does it. For reference, Vista64 with almost everything removed but component cache, system restore, some services and network drivers weights: Windows foder 2.69G - winsxs folder 2.34G - winsxs\backup - 322mb Whole C: 5.12G Note vista 64 is way bigger than the 32 Edit: nuhi, maybe silentupdate it and just include some warning about removing cache kills updates? It is useful this way too - for example if you want to run vista on VM to test before making the switch, no need for updates there and size does matter?
  5. Almost positive on the component cache. Just deleted my VM with it turned off and gonna try with turned on, will report in half an hour
  6. I'm a fan of win2k interface too and themes service never got into my windows, but disabling aero in vista means disabling the hardware accelerated interface in favor of the uglier software-based render. It will surely take the mem usage down a bit, but you got a slower and uglier look
  7. OMG this is what I have been waiting for before trying my msdn vista 64. Thanks nuhi!

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