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Activate Aero glass and flip 3d in home basic?


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Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


May be this help U.

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I've been recently looking for a way to do this, but to be honest, from what I have seen, I'd rather use the AERO Standard look that comes in Home Basic. It doesn't look that bad to be honest. I'd still be interested in knowing if this is possible though :P

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I just use a trial version of Vista ultimate. But i removed everything with vlite so i decided to buy an original vista.

to keep the price cheap i want to buy the cheapest vista. Thats why i asked you guys if aero glass runs on home basic,

Home Premium has definitive aero glass!!!!

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I do not think Glass can be enabled on Home Basic and even if so, it would appear illegal to me if you do this. Activating functionality that is not supposed to be present in your version. Why even bother to buy it then? Is pricedifference that big in other countries? The Dutch version of Windows Vista Home Premium 64-its OEM is €88 and the same Hom Basic version costs around €7 less.

Not worth the trouble in my opinion, I would go for the Home Premium. I am going for this too when I buy a new system 64-bit system in the near future.

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Been awhile since I've popped in, so let me clear up the myth quick:

Aero and Aero Glass are the same thing.


Windows Vista comes with two "new" appearance schemes and this is what you see when you open the Appearance tab under Display Properties and drop the menu:


As I recently posted at another forum, that's what you get. Aero and Aero Glass are the same thing, but people continue to think of them as different and they're not.

Vista comes with two new GUI schemes:

Windows Aero - commonly also called Aero aka Aero Glass which has all the pretty 3D effects, Flip3D, LiveThumbnails, etc.


Windows Vista Basic - commonly called Vista Basic aka Baby Blue which has none of that 3D stuff whatsoever.

Microsoft did actually make mention of Aero and Aero Glass, but that's an old outdated misnomer now. They no longer advertise Aero and Aero Glass as two different things, sooo...

Aero is Aero, period.

So, if you've got Aero running, you get the 3D effects, you get the "Glass" reflections, you get it all. They no longer call Aero "Aero Glass," it's simply known as Aero now, even by Microsoft themselves although some older and not updated documents still refer to it as two seperate GUI appearance schemes.

I'm not meaning to stir anything up here, but getting the facts straight is important most of the time to clear up the mess of inaccuracies that people keep spreading around.

Hope this helps...

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Home Premium has Aero interface, which allows additional selection of Glass. Both with and without Glass it supports Flip3D and Live Taskbar Thumbnails.

Home Basic has Windows Vista Standard, which is the Aero interface, without Glass, without Flip3D and without Live Taskbar Thumbnails.

It is more clear if you see the additional features like Glass and Flip3D seperate from the Aero interface. Additional features are only supported by Home Premium and upwards. Aero interface is present on all Vista editions.

I would like point here, but the information here is flawed or at least confusing (section User interface features).

it would be best as following:

Windows Aero UI: all Vista versions

"Glass": Home premium and upwards.

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