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VLite suggestion ... small BUT critical ...


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First post - FANTASTIC product !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See here:- http://www.cs.auckland.ac.nz/~pgut001/pubs/vista_cost.html

In particular:-

Unnecessary CPU Resource Consumption

"........ In order to prevent active attacks, device drivers are required to poll the underlying hardware every 30ms for digital outputs and every 150 ms for analog ones to ensure that everything appears kosher. This means that even with nothing else happening in the system, a mass of assorted drivers has to wake up thirty times a second just to ensure that... nothing continues to happen (Steve Gibson in his Security Now podcast with Leo Laporte calls Vista "an operating system that is insanely paranoid"). In addition to this polling, further device-specific polling is also done, for example Vista polls video devices on each video frame displayed in order to check that all of the grenade pins (tilt bits) are still as they should be. We already have multiple reports from Vista reviewers of playback problems with video and audio content, with video frames dropped and audio stuttering even on high-end systems [Note K]. Time will tell whether this problem is due to immature drivers or has been caused by the overhead imposed by Vista's content protection mechanisms interfering with playback....... "

This is a MASSIVE cpu hit for absolutly no benefit.

In future VLite versions, can this be adressed ? / be made to at least be an optional turn off or on ?

Thanks again

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This guy, Peter Gutmann, is very critical. There is a rebuttal to his positions somewhere on this web site, I think?! Just google and it should come up. It has become a real learning experience.

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I can understand that if this is the case, you would like the opportunity to disable it. However, when I check CPU consumption from Tast Manager, then in idle state it is most of the time at close to 0% (there is always something done by the system).

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