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  1. Yes you should still be able to integrate the drivers using vLite Wow ....... so has anyone here succesfully integrated the Chipset and Matrix driver with either the ELITE or the ULTRA ini's in Post #1 ? Laslty, I gather using the " Unattended " page is still a no-go ? Thanks, Ben
  2. I presume that when using either the ELITE or the ULTRA ini's in Post #1 of this thread that you still CANNOT slipstream either the chipset drivers or the matrix storage drivers ? Ben
  3. My sincere thanks to all of you. I have done and can do the reverse integration - did it before VLite allowed for Vista SP s/streaming but I find it a real drag - especially for a BETA. I'll wait until SP2 is final / gold and if nuhi hasnt updated Vlite for SP2 slipsteaming** I'll reverse integrate then. All the best again. Ben ** - who knows, maybe SP2 gold / final will be coded / built in such a way that Vlite 1.2 will s/stream it anyway without further updating from nuhi.
  4. Many thanks cluberti Just curious ....... do we know if anyone has actually tried slipsteaming SP2 into Vista RTM ? I'd be interested to know how far it gets, if anywhere at all. Thanks again, Ben
  5. Hi all I know Vlite 1.2 will not let you slipstream SP2 if SP1 is already installed. So, will Vlite allow me to slipstream SP2 into Vista RTM [sP0] ? Assuming its still a no - is there anyway known to slipstream SP2 into Vista RTM or Vista SP1 ? Thanks, Ben
  6. Hey Kelsenellenelvian and bledd ....... relax guys. I only asked because (i) I havent been around here for a while and (ii) by nuhi's [excellent] standards, it seems that quite a period has passed since his last release. Hence, given I am about to do a major re-build of my own rig, I thought I would ask .... I am fully aware that "..... it will be out when it comes out. No sooner or later..... " but given the current relative time-lag from the last release, I figured and hoped nuhi would not be offended or annoyed by asking the question. Ben
  7. Hi nuhi Just wondering ...... I note that 1.2 Final is now around 2 months old and as I'm due to do a personal re-install in the next week or so, of my own personal rig, I thought I'd ask before proceeding ..... => is there going to be a new/next version of Vlite .....say.... 1.3x in the next few days or week or so...... or is 1.2 Final the *final* version for the forseeable future ? I'm more than happy to use 1.2 Final for my re-build, but naturally, if a new / updated / revised version is due any day [or week] now, I will wait ...... alternately, if nothing is in the very-near-future-pipeline, I'll happily proceed with 1.2 Final. Any news ? Either way, thanks again for all your excellent hard work !! All the best, Ben
  8. Hi all This has me beat. I am doing a XP x64 SP1 strip with the latest NLite. Am using the same settings I have in the past [which have worked before] but it seems no matter what I do this time I get the following error - it arises during the install blue installation phase ie: the CD boots, begins the install and then tries to start Windows and then without fail, the screen remains blue and I get the following error in white text:- STOP: c0000221 UNKNOWN HARD ERROR \ SystemRoot \ System32 \ ntdll.dll I’ve checked the CD and the “ ntdll.dll “ file is on my Nlite’d CD. Any thoughts / suggestions ? The ONLY thing I have done differently this time, is that before, my original SOURCE XP x64 SP1 files were copied to my hard disk directly from the original CD. To save space, recently I made an .ISO file of my original SOURCE XP x64 SP1 CD. Now when I need it, I just de-compress the ISO with UltraISO and then begin Nlit'ing it ……..could this be a potential problem ? Many thanks, Ben
  9. Nuhi I'll be popping 1.2RC onto my rig in the next day or so. All I can say is up until this release, the "considered wisdom" of the so-called Vista elite expert users was that DRM was unremovable / un-turn-off-able ....... and even if it was done, Vista would be unuseable and uninstallable .........now without any fanfare you give us 1.2RC and amongst a pile of other great changes, its in the list. Dont know if this has been said before but YOU ARE A LEGEND !!!!! Thanks again nuhi. Oops .... nearly forgot my question:- Q):- I know Server 2008 isnt supported [offically] yet, but am I right in saying that Server 2008 has no DRM in it for Vlite to actually remove ? Ben
  10. Hi all I havent come across this before. I recently did a Vista X64 SP1 install with .NET removed and all was fine. I then went to install a small audio program but it requires .NET to install and run. So ......... I thought to myself, I'll just d/l the latest .NET and install it. Anyway, I d/l .NET 3.5 full redistributable which is compatible with Vista, XP, Server 2003 and Sever 2008 and I run it. If starts of OK, but then stops and winds back / uninstalls itself due to something like a missing service or servcie not being enabled !?! Is there a way around this without doing a new install disk with .NET on it and wiping my current install ? Thanks, Ben
  11. Just had a chance to do a full-strip of both Server 2008 SP1 X64 and Vista SP1 X64 - used the same machine for each which has 4gig RAM and loaded just the .inf, video and s/card drivers for each install - the basic results for a full-strip of each are as follows:- Server 2008 SP1 X64 - 370meg RAM Footprint - 1.2 gig install size [ excluding swap file ] Vista SP1 X64 - 370meg RAM Footprint - 2.6 gig install size [ excluding swap file ] Apart from the Server 2008 SP1 install feeling a lot snappier and responsive [just like using an Nlite'd XP install] can anyone explain why the Vista SP1 X64 install is over 2x twice the size of the Server 2008 SP1 install ? The only thing I can think of is that the Vista code has all the DRM "stuff" still in it whereas the Server install doesnt ?!? - but even allowing for that, I really doubt the "DRM stuff" would account for such a massive install size difference ? Ben
  12. Hi nuhi & hannubys Yeah, I certainly feel a bit embarressed even asking - like I said, 1.2Beta is super stable and really lean and snappy - its just that if the next version is due to come out before next w/e, I'll wait - otherwise I'm %110 happy to proceed with my re-builds using 1.2Beta. All the best, Ben
  13. Hi nuhi Dont in any way mean to be rude or pushy - you have an amazing product here and it is a major gift to all of us. I am only asking as I am scheduled to do 2 family/friend re-builds next weekend [19/7 and 20/7] and I will happily use 1.2Beta unless of course there is likley to be a new update before then ? Again, I dont mean or intend to be rude, but could you please advise if 1.2Beta is still going to be current as of next weekend, or if a new update is scheduled. I am perfectly happy either way as 1.2Beta is running brilliantly, and I certainly know that 1.2Beta is only 4 weeks old, its just that if a new version is due by next weekend, I will hold of on doing the install disks for it. As always nuhi, many thanks and keep up the fantastic work !!! Ben
  14. Hi all This is driving me nuts. I have the same problem as here:- http://www.msfn.org/board/nLite-WinXP-Pro-...re-t118598.html I've gone to all the links posted there-in and there is no clear or obvious "fix" I can find. I have:- - Win XP PRO SP0 - Original RTM - SP3 They Slipstreamed no problem. I then "fully" strip XP SP3 - as I have with XP SP2 in the past wiht no problems. All I leave is:- - Calculator - WordPad - MultiProcessor Support - Keyboard - US - Language - US - DirectX - DirectX Diagnostic - Command Line Tools - FAT to NTFS - VB5 - VB6 Everthing else is removed. The above works fine with XP SP2 [ slipstreamed ]. Now ..... my Boot CD begins the Install process but then asks me to put the " SP2 CD in Drive A: " or words along those lines. Can anyone please help ? Is there something I have removed that has caused this ? What is the fix ? Many thx, Ben
  15. Yep ..... given Vlite is at 1.1.6 and Nlite is at 1.4.5 ..... I'd imagine [ and am hoping ] that once Vlite is as mature and "component-removal-rich" as Nlite, we could well be looking at Server 2008 SP1 X64 .iso's that are ~250meg <-> ~350meg in size with installed HDD useage of ~500meg <-> ~700meg with resulting RAM footprints in the ~120meg <-> ~170meg range. Still, even if no further updates issued, who would have imagined an X64 o/s as lean and small as this. Nuhi is a seriously amazing and talented person !!!! Ben
  16. Hi all - Vlite 1.1.6 Final [using " -extreme " switch] - Windows Server 2008 SP1 X64 Full Strip - only items left in are:- Notepad System Information Wordpad Multimedia Class Scheduler Microsoft HTML Engine Everything else stripped out - 588meg ISO - 1.3gig installed size on HDD [ excluding Swap file ] - 290meg RAM Footprint [after installing all video and audio drivers] Runs super quick and super snappy and super smooth. I know Server 08 SP1 and Vista X64 SP1 use the same code base, but there is something - I dont know what - that makes Server 08 SP1 so much snappier and quicker than Vista X64. I've even done a test of a full-strip of Vista X64 using 1.1.6 Final and no matter what I do to it, it simply will just not run as smooth or quick as Server 08 SP1 stock / unstripped <= I'm guessing that maybe its because Vista has a stack of DRM "stuff" embedded into its code and Server 08 doesnt (?) - you know, 2 versions of the same code Quite frankly, this is utterly amazing given it is an X64 o/s. Nuhi - you are a genius. Ben
  17. Hi all ! Hmmm .... this has me stumped. This is what I did. - got my Vista Ultimate X64 DVD - copied it onto the HDD - ran Vlite 1.1.6 RC to "extract" just "Ultimate" - I want to keep things as small as practicable - d/l Vista X64 SP1 - put it in a Directory - ran Vlite 1.1.6 RC to S/Stream SP1 X64 - the slipstream menu / button is greyed out / cant be selected - all this was done from within my Vista X64 partition not a Vista X32 partition Am I missing something really obvious ? Ben
  18. Hi Bilar Is your install DVD a Vista X64 SP1 or Vista X64 Original ? Is it pretty-much a full strip ? Also, regardless of which one it is, when you install it, excluding the swap file, how much HDD room does it take up ? Ben PS: My Vista X64 SP1 with a full-strip using 1.1.6 RC gives me an installed sized of ~5.4gig excluding the swap file ?!?!?
  19. Well ..... I re-did the Boot CD / DVD and this is what I got:- - Factory slipstreamed Vista X32 SP1 Install CD "fully stipped with 1.1.6RC" gives a Boot CD size of ~490meg - User slipstreamed Vista X64 SP1 Install DVD "fully stipped with 1.1.6RC" gives a Boot DVD size of ~1.1gig Does this seem right to other Vlite users ? Ben
  20. Really ?? From memory, I would have sworn that when I last did a full-vlite-stripped install of Vista X64 [ pre-SP1 ] the HDD installed size was around ~2.5gig (?) Why whould SP1 on a slipstreamed Vista X64 have more than doubled its HDD installed size ? OR Is my memory of the installed size of Vista X64 [pre-SP1] wrong ? Ben
  21. Hi all Here are the figures:- - Factory slipstreamed Vista X32 SP1 Install DVD "fully stipped with 1.1.6RC" gives an installed HDD footprint of ~ 1.1gig excluding swap file. - User slipstreamed Vista X64 SP1 Install DVD "fully stipped with 1.1.6RC" gives an installed HDD footprint of ~ 5.4gig excluding swap file. I presumed and expected the HDD install size would be around 2X the Vista X32 size BUT its nearly 4.5X the size of Vista X32 SP1 ?!?!?. I am using the -extreme switch for each and am checking WINSXS for each -> is it possible that the the difference is due to X32 being a Factory sliplstream and X64 being a user slipstream ? **OR** => is this normal ? Thanks, Ben PS: FWIW, the RAM footprint for each above is very similar:- Vista X32 SP1 is ~ 230meg and Vista X64 SP1 is ~ 290meg
  22. What I can tell you is that I have done a full strip of XP X32 SP2 with Nlite [current version] and only installed video and audio drivers [ matrox and echo] and I get:- -> ~220 meg install on HDD -> ~35meg Ram Footprint Ben
  23. Hi nuhi Again, magic work !! Nuhi - I was thinking and wondering. Given how Nlite is - and noting especially that it is a more mature product than Vlite - do you think it is possible / probable / likely (?) that as Vlite further matures, we will be able to have Vlite'd Vista installations of say ~300 <-> ~500 meg on the hard disk with Ram footprints of say ~70 <-> ~90 meg ? I thought if *anyone* is going to know if this is actually possible, it is going to be the master of getting Vista trimmed down. Again, all the best, Ben " as always, eagerly awaiting the next version " Ifin
  24. Hi nuhi On 23/2 you wrote that you hoped to have the next update out in around 2<->3 [or more] weeks, plus it depended on Nlite updates as well. Just wondering how things were tracking from a Vlite perpective ? Nothing wrong with 1.1.1 at all, but I really looking forward to new Vlite's as I really enjoy getting Vista as "lite" as possible. All the best and thanks again for such a great product. Thanks, Ben "yes I know, I need to get a life" Ifin
  25. Hi aviv00 No error as such. Normally to disable the S.E.T, you do it either through gpedit.msc or MMC. With gpedit.msc, the "disable" option simply does not exist under Admin Templates / System - similalry if I try to go back door through the MMC. Obviously I've removed a component and/or service which has made this dissappear. Any thoughts ? I'm kind of hoping there is a registry edit and/or command line to do same, but cant find one. Ben

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