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[Question] Router assigning IP


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Honestly, if somebody is asking which one to use... I'd suggest DHCP. Just leave everything in it's automatic/default/happy setting.

I'm sorry to disagree here with you, but ripken is right. Static IP's give you more flexibility in setting up your LAN. The only way I'd use DHCP in the router was if it knew reservations (so you can assign the same IP address to a given device).

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I see, thanks. :)

yes it is basically just for a home network use only. Currently my set up is 2 PCs w/ static IPs and the others in DHCP (and its sometimes confusing accessing them :P)

P.S. Sorry if I have post it in the wrong section.

well im assuming its for home use. with static ip's its much easier to use features like port forwarding. also you can disable the dhcp and dns services in windows.

using static IP, DNS service is safe to be disabled? (I know I wouldn't be needing the DHCP service)

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