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Media Center in XP Professional


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Hi, is there any way of getting the media center out of Windows Media Center Edition and nliting it into Windows XP Pro?

Go to the MCE forum, it's actually fairly easy. You'll find a file called "add_mce.exe". Download it. Copy the files from CD2 of a legit Media Center edition CD to a folder in your hard drive. Burn those files to a new CD, with the "add_mce.exe" file at the root of that CD. The rest of the file system structure should be identical to the original CD2.

Pop that CD into your XP pro box's CDROM drive, run "add_mce.exe", sit back and wait. Takes about 10 minutes to install, it will reboot your system and change your default theme to that glossy Luna thing, and then you're done. Enjoy.

I think the title of the actual post is something like "Ultimate Windows XP" or some such thing.

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Ok, I have hit a problem, after a bit of searching and reading I have found out that there doesn't seem to be a way to actually Nlite the Media Center into Windows XP Pro, does anybody now how to actually integrate the media center into XP pro so that I can do a clean install and have Media Center installed when Windows is installed? Because it is pretty inconvienient having to play around with system files and the registry every time i format my computer which is quite often.

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anyone know where i can find add_mce.exe? I have both a WinXp Pro Cd and a MCE cd both legit and I wanted MCE on my PC since my laptop already has it any ideas on where I can find it I searched that thread upside down already and cant find it

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