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  1. Did you integrate all the updates from my list? Cause if you did, there are updates that must not be integrated which do give out a these error messages during Win7 install, these are KB2603229, KB2533552 and KB2506143! THANK YOU!!! VERY very very awesome work. Greatly appreciated thanks again!! I will add this to my notes so I don't integrate again in the future. I Always integrate! thanks!
  2. Hey I really appreciate the work you've done! Your November list has worked flawlessly but when I integrate your Dec list I get an error during install. I tried from USB I am now burning a DVD to see if it was my USB. Anyone else have the same issue? Again thank you for your hard work!
  3. ive been trying to go to the site but its down are there mirrors for the final?
  4. anyone know where i can find add_mce.exe? I have both a WinXp Pro Cd and a MCE cd both legit and I wanted MCE on my PC since my laptop already has it any ideas on where I can find it I searched that thread upside down already and cant find it

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