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how much power supply for how much system?


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Forget the 500 number.

That is probably the Max Peak Current Rating.

That means the maximum current for the second it takes to

charge all the caps on the mobo and begin the boot sequence.

That is NOT the all day running current for the supply.

The all day current could be as low as 300w.

You would do best to go to Antec's web site and read up on their supplies.

Personally, if I were building a system with all that hardware, I'd go on up

to about a 680 w. supply, with dual cooling fans.

Also, you've got lots of heat generators there. Be sure to provide plenty

of air circulation for those hard drives, or they'll roach themselves in their

own heat.

Good Luck,

Andromeda43 :ph34r:

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The Corsair HX520 is an excellent power supply, and would more than meet your needs. You'd be able to run that system and still have room for more. :)

Corsair HX520 Review @ SilentPCReview.com

As a side note - if you want to find reliable PSU tests, SPCR is one of the few sites that actually does proper PSU testing. Many other places put the PSU "at load" by putting a high end system and connecting as many components as they can find to the PSU, but often this still isn't enough. SPCR uses a special PSU test rig (you can find the link in the article) that allows them to vary the load on the PSU to pretty much any value they choose.

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