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[RELEASE] Boooggy's WMP 11 direct integration solution


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or run slipstreamer via nlite and then add fixes in nlite....

How do we use it via nLite Booogy?

I've used the slipstreamer as a stand alone and it works great but didn't realise it could somehow be used within nLite.

Here is what I do - use Signet's Integrator to add Ryans update pack to my SP2 CD - open the slipstreamer and point it to the i386 folder and slipstream all the updates - then I use nLite to lighten my CD.

Is there a guide to using the WMP slipstreamer in nLite - I must have missed it somehow.

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Thanks Booogy but on that link it says install the slipstreamer but in your reply you say add the slipstreamer to the hot fix page so I am confused.

Do I install the slipstreamer to my system and then also add it to the hotfix section along with any other WMP hotfixes?

Or do I add the WMP slipstreamer to the hotfix section along with the WMP 11 program and any associated hotfixes?

Or do I somehow add the WMP slipstreamer into nLite as a plug-in?

Not a biggy cos it works fine the way I do it but if there is a simpler method that does it in one step I will use that.

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first install wmp11 slipstreamer.

then install nlite. copy your os source to your hard drive.

start nlite. when u get to the hotfixes, addons and updatepacks page add them in the order specified in the picture below....


then next.....and leave nlite do its job....

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