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  1. xp serial

  2. Thanks for clearing that up - looks like the WMP slipstreamer is smarter than it appears. Will try it that way once the new Windows updates are available after Patch Tuesday.
  3. Thanks Booogy but on that link it says install the slipstreamer but in your reply you say add the slipstreamer to the hot fix page so I am confused. Do I install the slipstreamer to my system and then also add it to the hotfix section along with any other WMP hotfixes? Or do I add the WMP slipstreamer to the hotfix section along with the WMP 11 program and any associated hotfixes? Or do I somehow add the WMP slipstreamer into nLite as a plug-in? Not a biggy cos it works fine the way I do it but if there is a simpler method that does it in one step I will use that.
  4. How do we use it via nLite Booogy? I've used the slipstreamer as a stand alone and it works great but didn't realise it could somehow be used within nLite. Here is what I do - use Signet's Integrator to add Ryans update pack to my SP2 CD - open the slipstreamer and point it to the i386 folder and slipstream all the updates - then I use nLite to lighten my CD. Is there a guide to using the WMP slipstreamer in nLite - I must have missed it somehow.
  5. Framedyn.dll and Srclient.dll missing

    Both addons have been updated several times since so I don't see the value in you spending time on those particular ones. But for info one addon was Foxys Nirsoft Collection large v1.5 which would never work for me with Kels Uber pack v9.9.5. Changing either would solve the problem and I don't get the issue with either of the updated addons. I can understand Ricktendo's issue because both of those addons are variations of each other - you would never usually use both together on the same system.
  6. Framedyn.dll and Srclient.dll missing

    And sometimes it is not as simple as a single addon either! I had this problem for over a month before finally working out which two addons were responsible - both worked perfectly on their own and each had worked fine in previous versions but I had one particular combination that just didn't want to play ball. Took hours and hours to track down.
  7. Using nLite version 1.3.5 Error “framedyn.dll”

    Are you using Kels Uber Addon pack?
  8. Unable to format hard drive with Nlite Disc

    There is an option in nLite to get round exactly this problem. It is on the very last screen before you ask it to start the process - the screen that has two tabs and a whole bunch of options listed, one of which is to include the config files on the CD for example. Maybe someone else can help with describing it better than me but it is in there for sure.
  9. Suggestion for nLite

    You can click and drag them to the position you want them. Oddly enough this was a feature in earlier versions of nLite - wonder why it isn't there now?
  10. I stated earlier that I add your addons with Signet's Integrator, then I run the build through nLite, that is why I asked if you also wanted the Integrator log. Of course the nLite config file will not show something that has already been integrated with the Integrator. If I add just the new 2.1.9 addon pack (with the integrator) and then run it through nLite using the config file I attached, everything works perfectly. If I add the Uber pack version 9.9 (again with the Integrator - either at the same time as the update pack or as a seperate run after the pack has been added) and then run it through nLite I get the errors as shown. Post #21 does make this fairly clear and also states that I don't think either nLite or the Integrator is to blame. Possiblly the Uber pack is also not to blame on its own because few other people seem to have any problem. But when nLite is used after the Integrator with ver 9.9 it breaks my install and version 9.7 does not so I don't know what is going on? I can reproduce the error (as per the screenshots taken last night) every time. It's not a biggy anyway cos I can easily drop back to 9.7, which has always worked perfectly but just thought you might like to know there is a potential issue. After all my setup can't possibly be totally unique.
  11. OK - just had the same error again. Attached are two screengrabs from VMWare, first is of the first error, clicking on OK then gives the second error message. Config file from nLite also attached. Having problems getting the setuperr log out of VM Ware - will have another go tomorrow, it is now coming up to ¼ to 2 in the morning. LAST_SESSION.INI
  12. Hi Kel - I'm back home tonight and will reproduce the errror and post the info you have asked for. I'm using XP Pro with English UK as the language. Is there anything else you need to see besides the setuperr log and my session.ini file? I am using Signet's Integrator to integrate Ryans 2.1.9 update pack and the three addons that I mentioned - then I run nLite and use nLite to make the final ISO. Is there anything from the Integrator log that you need?
  13. If I don't use any addons everything works perfectly. As soon as I start using addons it fails so I set about trial and error to find the cause and have carried out over 50 tests last week, each taking around two and a half hours so I have spent a lot of time on this. I use a number of tried and tested packs as routine and this is one of them which hasn't caused a problem before so I jsut kept adding it and kept getting problems. Then I took a step back and just added any packs that had been updated or were new since the 2.1.8 build that worked and it failed. So then I took out the ones I had used previously and just put brand new ones in and it worked. This suggests it is an updated pack. I then try again using packs that I have tried before with success but have been updated and use 3 packs Kels Uber pack version 9.9 Kels runtimes pack 2.51 (I had been using 2.3) and Kels Vista drive indicator v1.8 (been using 1.6 previously) I get the error - so it suggests that one of the above is causing it. I drop back to version 9.7 of the Uber Pack having noticed that someone else mentioned a problem with 9.9 in nLite and everything works perfectly. I try using nLite to do everything (including the 9.9 pack) and get the error. I am only reporting an issue I am getting in the same way I have reported other problems. An example is the Luna Royale pack that caused issues made by Ricktendo. Loads of downloads and nobody had reported a single issue with it until I posted, then others reported the same issue and Ricktendo himself replies to say he was grateful cos he couldn't track down which of the addons was breaking his install! Based on the above I felt it necessary to mention what I thought was causing the problem in my case, that way everyone benefits. It is not a dig at anyone - it is the result of a huge amount of testing which has taken over 100 hours of my own time. In a similar way I am testing the new office integrator with Signet, which had issues preventing it working in the first releases - but people responded saying it worked perfectly for them!!
  14. It's not nLite - as I mentioned in an earlier thread. I have no identified the addon that is responsible for breaking all my installs. I did try using nLite on its own and it worked perfectly. I tried integrating Ryans latest pack with the Integrator then using nLite with my tried and tested configuration and it works perfectly. It was only when I started using addons that I got the issues and after hours and hours of testing I am fairly certain that it is Kels Uber addon pack V9.9 that is breaking it. If I leave it out everything works fine, soon as I add it the install goes all screwy. I know it is nothing to do with your original problem but anyone seaching for this error message will find this reply which may now help them. Good luck with your issue.
  15. I am goofing up my nlite creation...

    Sounds like you need to enter those details on the unattended section - that is the step where you get the option of entering your serial number. The network name etc. are on the other tabs. I also remove the oobe (out of box experience) which gets rid of the need to enter user details etc.