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[RELEASE] Boooggy's WMP 11 direct integration solution


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Boooggy, can this also be used on Windows 2000 (with nLite to integrate it) ?

Just wanna add IE7 and WMP11 to Windows 2000 but not even sure if those

two programs will work on Windows 2000, addons aside I mean work period.

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slipstreamer updated to version 0.80

fixed error reported here


dont know about ie7 but as for wmp 11 i did tried to integrate it on w2k.....

integration worked fine but program dont work on 2k. it is not compiled to work on version less then xp......

so i think the same will happen with ie7........

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I'd like to use your Vanilla add-on with one change, the removal of the license screen when Windows Media Player is first run.

Can you please provide me with the registry tweak to disable the license agreement screen?

Thank you!


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