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Wich Hotfixes and Updates NLite accept ?


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For integrate Hotfixes and Updates, I use Windows Update Downloader (http://wud.jcarle.com/) but I have a lot of problem !!!!!

I activate the verbose status for integrate hotfix.

Some files are older (it ask me the question), some file are not in the ISO (it ask me the question) etc....

And I don't know if are it the reason but I have this fuc.... error icfgnt.dll not found during the GUI Install.......

Is there a best way or best practise for integrate drivers ?

Is there a list of hotfixes and updates accepted by NLite ?

Thanks for your response

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how do we know it has all updates.

RyanVM's pack is updated monthly a few days after MS releases updates. His site has a list of what updates are in the pack, so all you have to do is check the Microsoft website for what came out in the most recent month, and then look to make sure that that patch is in there.

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Thanks but.........All the links on the french post don't work........

They work for me. You have to download the .7z file in the 1st post. That's the one that has to be integrated trough nLite. Of course french pack for french XP.

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