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  1. I remake à DVD with NLite but without any hotfix from Microsoft et now I could install drivers without windows file protection popup..... Great.... :thumbup Windows update has redownloaded the 70 or 80 fix from microsoft..... Thanks MS .....
  2. That apparently isn't nLite's fault. It appears that slipstreaming SP2 triggers the problem. No ! I have the official CD of WIndows XP Pro SP2 from Microsoft and I have the same problem ! I could not intall NVidia Drivers because I have this fu.... popup "windows file protection". And I don't know if it's cause of NLite but if I make manual install of my drivers, I have access refused at the end......
  3. Hello Thanks to Nuhi for his great Job. But today NLiteos is down..... Someone could upoad the last version (NLite 1.3 Final) on other website ????? ThanKs a lot
  4. Thanks but.........All the links on the french post don't work........
  5. For integrate Hotfixes and Updates, I use Windows Update Downloader (http://wud.jcarle.com/) but I have a lot of problem !!!!! I activate the verbose status for integrate hotfix. Some files are older (it ask me the question), some file are not in the ISO (it ask me the question) etc.... And I don't know if are it the reason but I have this fuc.... error icfgnt.dll not found during the GUI Install....... Is there a best way or best practise for integrate drivers ? Is there a list of hotfixes and updates accepted by NLite ? Thanks for your response
  6. Salut Un français donc je répond en français Je pense que c'est ça que tu cherche : http://www.laboratoire-microsoft.org/artic...win/WinPE/1/#31 Sorry for the english people Here is the translation : You're a french guy thus I answer in french I think that's this you are looking for http://www.laboratoire-microsoft.org/artic...win/WinPE/1/#31
  7. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=14175&hl= http://unattended.msfn.org/xp/applications/msjava.htm MsJava is better Light and no bug detected after release 3810 Sun Java is to heavy I got no problem with any website...... Sorry for Sun Java fans but it's my opinion ! And MS support MS Java until 2007 http://www.microsoft.com/mscorp/java/ Recognizing the need to provide a smooth transition for current users of the Microsoft® Java Virtual Machine (MSJVM), Sun Microsystems and Microsoft have agreed to extend Microsoft's license to use Sun's Java source code and compatibility test suites. This extension allows Microsoft to support the MSJVM until December 31, 2007, providing customers with the ability to transition from the MSJVM on a schedule and plan that is most effective for them. We've got a lot of time for migrate to SunJava !!!!!
  8. Try this http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...kb;en-us;324767
  9. This software is great Greta great great ! Thanks a lot to developer and tester ! No bug detected in the v.8 beta !
  10. I search a way to bypass the login administrator when you install Internet Explorer 6. In fact, when you installed IE6, you must log with administrators right for finish Internet Explorer install. I search the solution for install IE6 with NO administrators rights ! Thank's for your help
  11. I think that WinInstall don't delete key in HKEY_CURRENT_USER WinInstall can create key but it didn't delete the Key like a lots of other uninstall programs.
  12. I do not share them for 2 reasons - 1. All my MSI is in french version - 2. I do not know where I can upload them But if you have space where I can upload my MSI >> there is no problem I upload. I don't try with Adobe Acrobat 6.0 In my company we are still with the version 5 and I think that we shall not pass to the version 6. We have it a little have a good laugh of adobe (Excuse my poor english, I don't known if it's the good translate, sorry!!!) Concerning the PDF we prefer the free solutions! Concerning the learning of WinINstall, I didn't find a good document of explanation of this software. I am spirit to make an explaining document how to create one package from A to Z. In fact I explain how I have make my package Media Player Classic with Shell integration. I shall send it to you by e-mail so that you correct for lack of English which I can make if there is no problem for you. Sorry I have a f***in' bad english
  13. This software is great Finish SMS in my company Now I use this software More power than SMS and make MSI (greats for deploy via active directory) I make a lot of package with WinInstall : - Winrar (very hard !) - Leech FTP - Google Bar (With my parameters) - VobSub - Media Player Classic (with Shell Integration) And modified: - Adobe Reader 6.0 (with my registry key) - FrameWork 1.1 - Language FR for FrameWork - MS Remote Desktop (VErsion 5.2.3790.0) - Media Player 9.0 (with my registry key) - Movie Maker 2 - Messenger 6.1 (with my registry key) It is rather simple in used for somebody who knows well Windows
  14. You must put the name of "start menu" in Wordpad ans save as MSDOS Format. TRanslate in french : Tu dois mettre "menu démarrer" dans Wordpad et enrengistre au format MSDOS
  15. I don't understand When i test my unattend CD with VmWare, I can't launch program via the "start menu" and "programs". For example, when I lauch WMP 9.0 nothing happend !!! I can have the propreties of the shortcut. That's all. That is the same problem for all shortcut in start menu > programs I don't known why It 's very strange !!!!! If I make a right click and clic "open" the program launch. If I made only 1 click or even a double click, it does not work !
  16. No It's silently by default snooz >> No switch for the hotfix Put the fix (WindowsMedia9-KB822964-x86-ENU.exe, not the other one, I don't remenber his name) in the REDIST folder and that's all .......
  17. Could I install the Update Rollup 1 without the method MSFN but whith the command /U /N /Z like the other hotfixes ? [Version] Signature="$Windows NT$" MajorVersion=5 MinorVersion=1 BuildNumber=2600 [setupData] CatalogSubDir="\i386\UPDATE" [ProductCatalogsToInstall] [setupHotfixesToRun] KB826939.exe /U /N /Z KB824141.exe /U /N /Z KB823182.exe /U /N /Z KB828035.exe /U /N /Z KB821253.exe /U /N /Z KB825119.exe /U /N /Z Q828750.exe /Q:U /R:N Q330994.exe /Q:U /R:N qchain.exe Thank's
  18. I search the registry key to have "detail mode" and the "state bar" in all my explorer's folders ? Do you known where I can't find it ?
  19. You're right Sorry !!!!! It's administrator and not adminitrateur
  20. In my script, I've got this: echo -=[Add Nas to administrator group]=- net user Nas /add net localgroup "administrators" Nas /add net localgroup "Users" Nas /delete net user Nas /comment:"Administrator User Account" net user administrateur /active:no echo. echo. The command "net user administrateur /active:no" will disabled the administrator account (That's more secure ) If you want to AutoLogon : >>> http://www.microsoft.com/technet/treeview/...dp_log_peyn.asp
  21. In first excuse my poor english !!!! I don' t known if someone has post this information first my apologies if someone has post before Microsft has make a very very good soft for make one silent MSI of WMP 9.0 + update + custom settings I tested for my enterprise and it' s excellent. Information here : http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsme...deploypack.aspx Download here : http://download.microsoft.com/download/b/e...71c5/mp9edp.exe White Paper for all information about WMP 9.0 (registry key etc) here : http://download.microsoft.com/download/7/a...hitepaperv2.doc Install your WMP 9.0 Put your parameters Install Enterprise Deployment Pack Put the MPSetup.exe (For W2K) or MPSetupXP.exe and FIX (WindowsMedia9-KB822964-x86-ENU.exe) in the redist folder Launch MP9SEDP.EXE and read !!! After process (very fast) look in your release folder You' ve got a magnificent MSI for WMP + Patch + your settings !!!!!!!!!!

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