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Hidden tooltips, aka tooltips not on top


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Ok, so I used nlite on 2 different CD's, one VLK and one OEM single license, and on both the tooltips (the little box that pops up to show you the date when you point your mouse at the clock) started appearing behind the taskbar.

So I figured it was something to do with nlite, so I started looking around the internet to see if anyone else was having the problem and if there was a fix.

Sure enough people that have never used nlite (that I can tell) are having the problem too, and I finally found a post on google groups that had a supposed fix. Well fortunately I kept reading the thread and toward the bottom, I found the real fix.

So here goes my disclaimer: I found this on the internet and am not responsible for the content in any way, shape or form. If your computer becomes damaged because of this I am not responsible. This is a complete hack that by all means should NOT work but for some reason does. It modifies your registry, so BACK IT UP BEFORE APPLYING this.

The original thread is here, and the post containing this is toward the bottom, so if you have problems post it in that thread.

See the attachment below for the fix.

P.S. This is being cross-posted to the Windows XP forum so dont complain because I posted to the wrong one, I am posting here for anyone that thinks this is an nlite issue, because it apparently isnt..

Again: YMMV so if you have a problem with it, post to the thread in Google Groups via the link earlier in this post.

EDIT: The original upload had a hyphen that shouldnt have been there. It's been removed. **** IE7 incorrectly copying text.


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