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Seems the only thing left is to try a different PSU and a different CPU.

(off course keep the server stripped, i.e. no hdd, fdd, cdrom, extra controllers etc.)

If one of these two options doesn't work, the motherboard is probably dead..

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Hi again,

...is it post #5 that suggested a corrupted Bios?

I think the reason my motherboard wouldn't boot was probably because the Bios was corrupted. A corrupted Bios may suggest the memory failure report seeing that Bios is saved in a chip on the motherboard. I have flashed a bios that did not complete so the bios update failed, and then, not because I knew what I was doing but because I just had a go I reflashed the Bios and it updated correctly. So you see, having incomplete bos information in the otherboard Bios chip didn't matter to the flashing program.

For that reason, I suggest that the Bios is reflashible . The Bios is probably corrupted and flashing several times, and possibly but not necesarily with an alternative flashing program, like Uniflash, just might overide and replace a corrupted Bios. I am guessing, but if my motherboard failed on me again I would like to try this before I sold the motherboard.......again.

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Some MoBo's have a very odd cmos reset operation.

To be totaly sure you are clearing properly, do the following: Check for any jumpers on the mobo that read CMOS. If you find any, unplug the PSU, Move the jumper, remove the battery. Wait -20- minutes, remove all but 1 stick of ram (if you only have 1 stick then switch slots), replace the battery, replace the CMOS jumper, replace the power, and attempt to boot. If that doesn't work, try a longer period with the battery out (1 hour, 6 hours, 12 hours, and 24 hours).

If none of this works, test your components in another rig to verify that they work.

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1-3-3-1 is video. 8 beeps, on every single computer i've ever had an issue with has always been a graphics problem. if it has no graphics card [and uses onboard graphics], its a RAM issue without a doubt. if it does have a graphics card, make sure its well seated in the slot, i've had an issue where the card wouldn't be fully seated and it would beep like that., and it would just be from moving the case the wrong way.

RAM is the first thing i'd think of, because most graphics cards can take RAM, onboard graphics is limited to 4mb usually [it could have changed, i don't keep track of so many specifics].

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