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Windows Jackhammer: The last update you'll need for Win98.


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Reply to all.

I have something to say about this project. I am thankfull of those who support me in this project, I really do, but I am receiving a lot of "complaints", and "you should have done that, "this way" " posts.

I just want to say, that this is OPEN-SOURCE. This is not "my" project, it is not "your" project. It is teamwork. If you really think that I need to include something (software related) in the end-user version, then please say it here. If it concerns a "method" or choice that I have made for a specific part and you disagree with it, then please, just change the code at the end-user version without having a discussion with me.

Remember that this is OPEN-SOURCE.. people have the right to improve what mistakes I have made, BUT they must give away the code.

If you think that your improvement makes the pack better, but you want to keep that improvement for your own good, then please, just make a service pack yourself.

Please note that this critic is not meant for you all, but those who know that this is true but do otherwise.



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The time has come,

Maybe you remembered the post a year ago, where I said I wanted to created my own expansion pack to Windows 98? It is finally here!

The latest and last Service-Pack you'll need for Windows 98 has arived!

Windows: Project Jackhammer was made by me, and is designed for Windows 98 computers.

It is a Service/Upgrade pack for Windows 98.

It has a new look& feel thanks to the Windows 98 Revolutions Pack, it has new drivers like Nvidia and ATI graphics cards and ...full USB support, it has new software like a new security center and Office Suite. It is almost a whole new OS made out of an old Windows engine.

So.. I want to welcome all you developers to the playground. Please download the Open-developement BETA at sourceforge.net, check it out, build you programs and submit them at the project admins @ sourceforge.net!!

After the open-developers beta, we will include all your submissions and release the final end-user version.

This version can then be download, and used as replacement of your current Windows 98!

So.. whipe of that dust off the computer that is laying on your attic, and download it today!

Please read the DISCLAIMER & F.A.Q found on Sourceforge.net, before asking the frequently asked questions.

For more information about the End-User product: Click here

For more information for developers check out sourceforge:Click Here

The FAQ page appears to be corrupted. I get jibberish!

I'm using Firefox

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This project looks promising. I've actually been thinking of switching this laptop back to Windows 98, but I was hesitant to do so. This just gave me the motivation to do so, I'll give it a shot tomorrow. Keep it up NL-Stitch!

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is there anyway i could use jackhammer with windows ME? i dont have windows 98 laying around. really would like to check out this software. or a valid key?

openoffice <---office Suite

Grisoft AVG <---free virus scanner

Ad-Aware <----spyware

Spybot <----spyware,malware

Zone Alarm <---firewall

K-meleon <---web browser, like firefox

cubic explorer<--windows explorer replacement

t-clock <---tray clock, taskbar, start menu configurer

ArJ folder <---viewing, editing, creating compressed or archived files

Net4 2 <-----dial-up tool allowing users from two separate computers to share a dial up connection without a router,

serial port instead

DC Share4 2 <---same as above

Dashboard Panel <---a Longhorn side panel with a large amount of skins and plugins for windows 95/98/Me

desktop architect <---replaces standard plus! themes application with a large amount of other features implemented

Experience Service Pack <-----Xp color schemes into the appearance panel, also gnome, kde, windowmaker, beos

NVU <---web publisher replaces frontpage

3dCC control panel <-----replaces windows color scheme with 3dc files, millions of .3dc file on the net

Luna Meter <---windows XP resource meter, for 95/98/ME

Explorer Options <---reg files for adding hidden options in the folder options view tab of 95/98/me

RightClick menu picture <----puts picture on bottom of your drop menu when right clicking something

java runtime 5.0 <---update that is 15MB, have pkg

WSH 5.6 <---script host utilties

firefox <---web browser

thunderbird <---mail client

128bit encryption update <--as stated

roxio udf reader <---probably need that unless included in other software

thats just to get you started, i have all these programs in the newest version along with many others that i failed to mention. also have various DOS files including step up files to ms dos 6.5, freedos, spectra DOS, Boot editor, OSR3 Kit, Packard Bell DOS.

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get back to me if you are interested in any of that software, have all files needed for those programs and more including themes, skins, 3dcs, wallpapers, web views, taskbar utilities, start menu utilities, control panel utilities, start up shutdown logos, loads......


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i recently downloaded this OS replacement called athene. i have been using that OS to build my own environments using XML. i have managed to create 7 OS environments with a boot menu to access each one. Mac OSX, Mac 7.5.5, Kubuntu 6.10, Linux XP, Windows 2000, Amiga Workbench, BeOS 5! has pandora engine SDK packaged inside system. interesting to try out if you plan on making changes to the UI. gives you an area to design, work on ideas, and try new things. XML knowledge a must.

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Ignore those lame ......-......s.

While I haven't tried this bundle... I support this idea 100%.

I will be looking into aqcuiring this and testing...

One question, can the files be burned to a DVD?? I'll just check the site...

thanks dude! just tell those idiots to suck an egg... This is a giant leap towards what I want to find/make... a bootable live DVD with packages like this included on it...

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A few things you might wish to change/update/add:

SongBird is designed for and works only with Windows 2000/XP/2003 [and eventually Vista in future releases].

More info @ their home page:


ADS Client:


installs newer MSNET32.DLL than the 1 from Q245729:


which you link to on your drivers page:


Please consider adding another resource to your "+ Standard installed updates, drivers etc." page:


This link is invalid:


USB for DOS links + drivers [all free]:


USB Drivers web site requires [free] registration for downloading any file:


You need to mention this at your web page:


The W98SE2ME name is actually 98SE2ME without a "W", and its home page is here:


or here if you prefer:


I haven't noticed a link to 98MP10, you may wish to add 98MP10 to your list of enhancements/replacements/patches/updates:


If you want to browse through a list of free(ware) software [majority for Windows 95/98/ME]:


Firewalls + Antispyware tools:


Antivirus tools:


Benchmarks + performance tools:


Programming + tweaking tools [like InnoSetup = similar to NSIS installer]:


... And a page with DOS tools [free(ware)]:



MSBATCH.INF links + downloads:


INF + SED scripts [iexpress] links + downloads:


I haven't seen a page with scripts for download or snipets/code of scripts/quotes or similar.

I hope you plan on posting such scripts/snipets/code.

That would be very helpful, especially for others who wish to do something similar with their installations and/or start their own projects [because I understand your project is "open source" = for everybody to be able to download/copy it and/or parts of it].

I understand your project wants to be somewhat similar to Nlite [but more comprehensive], and to include scripts to install unattended Windows 98 SE [this can be extended to Win98 Gold (FE) and/or WinME if you wish, procedures are very similar] from a unified CD-ROM [you may wish to try to load up everything on 1 CD if possible, and if not, consider also the DVD format, which works in an identical way from native MS-DOS], which would include free(ware) apps + tools, drivers, patches etc.

And if you plan on uploading ISO(s) and/or ZIP(s) of all files necessary to build the install CD(s)/DVD(s), please let us know, eventually post such links in this MSFN forum.

HTH [Hope This Helps]

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Alright, I got this running on VMWare finally...

It said to contact the Revolutions creator, the sp2.cab file or something was missing...

Other than that, everything seems quite nice...

Any ideas how it would work on real hardware, though? I am thinking of using this as a base for a Live 98 DVD, any ideas about this?

I would try this immediately on my laptop, if I had the proper drivers already...

Awesome job, keep it up! Any ideas if I could just install the revolution pack separately?

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sorry for the delay.. I just thought for a while that the topic was dead... sorry..


your software shall be added soon.

I am interseted in your software such as the webview etc. that you suggested. please contact me by email (*REMOVED*)

@Milos M. :

I think so... did not test that yet.


I could indeed put this installation on a DVD, but then it would not be suited for old hardware anymore. And two cd's which are smaller are a faster download as 1 dvd.


wow.. nice to hear to hear your feedback. I would be glad to include your software and patches


thank you for trying Jackhammer. keep me updated on your testing ;)

@ all!!

Erh... now I have a question to you all. I hope you all still love my work. I hope to make it my work some day. I am currently still studying application developement in The Netherlands. I need to have a internship from august 2007 for a period of 20 to 40 weeks. Is anyone interested to do a project with me, or finish jackhammer with me? (I'll come to your country, but I prefer USA since I bin there in 2001)

I also hope to post this in the proper forum with a more detailed description.



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