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DrivercabHelper Version 1.1


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DrivercabHelper Version 1.2

Now handles Unicode files!

The new version can be found here:


This contains both the compiled DrivercabHelper.exe and the equivalent DrivercabHelper.au3 for those who currently have Autoit3 installed.

Target audience: HFSLIP users.

What it does

Copies files from the source folder to the destination folder, including subdirectories, deleting the destination folder at the beginning. For each file that is an INF file, it does the third step of the DRIVERCAB integration method described here by Oleg_II and clarified here by Tomcat76, preserving comments in the INF files. Note that Oleg_II says "it's not for every user because some INF editing is involved." DrivercabHelper aims to solve the problem of having to do all that INF editing. The files that are not INF files are just copied. The third step appears to be the only required step; I am getting my drivers using a driver backup utility and I am not using subfolders.

How to use

Set a source and destination folder, verify ISOTITLE (see IMPORTANT UPDATE below), hit the big button. Source and destination folder may be specified on the command line. To be cautious, it is recommended that you use a temporary folder for the destination folder, then copy the result to your DRIVERCAB folder.

How to find bugs

The interface contains a detailed log window to assist in finding possible bugs. In addition, the excellent program CSDiff is highly recommended if you care to do any bug testing, you can do a folder compare first, note any missing or added files (there shouldn't be any of either), then double-click on any modified file for a quick file comparison.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: DrivercabHelper 1.2 now supports Unicode files. Please let me know if this works for you.

DrivercabHelper 1.1 has been corrected to use the default ISOTITLE of HFSLIPCD and is now user configurable. If you are not using HFANSWER.INI, use the DrivercabHelper 1.1 default, and if you are using HFANSWER.INI, change the ISOTITLE field to whatever your ISOTITLE is in that file.



Gratitude To

Jon Bennett for adding Unicode support to AutoIt

Oleg_II for coming up with this method

TommyP and Tomcat76, obviously, for all the hard work they put into coding and supporting HFSLIP

Tim Fehlman at Daily Cup of Tech for the article "Folder Recursion in Autoit" including source code, from which DrivercabHelper borrows heavily to process subfolders.

Any bug reports, feature requests, or interface suggestions are welcome.

Bug Report

DrivercabHelper does not currently support Unicode files. This might not be an easy fix, since AutoIt3 doesn't support Unicode either.

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would this be included in HFSLIP cmd eventually? thanks!

As far as tommyp and tomcat76 and tommyp including it in HFSLIP, I see at least a couple of obstacles. The main one is that unfortunately, I wrote this as an .au3 file and not a .cmd file...writing in .cmd more difficult for string manipulation. And the utility is probably too interactive in its current form for that purpose.

EDIT on 1/22/07 Not to mention the fact this only has to be run once, vs. multiple runs of HFSLIP.

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daddydave :hello:

Wow! Just come by this topic! You rock! :thumbup

By the way. It is easy to convert INF files from Unicode and they only loose the characters from some languages. The work around is still manual editing of INF file - change the strings in that language to English and then convert from Unicode.

Don't have an idea how to do it with your utility but maybe it's possible it checks if INF is in Unicode and worns a user about this?

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