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AERO removel ( 3D desktop)


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am wondering if removing the whole aero engine from vista is possible

am sorry but i don't own it right now and i didnt try your program

am a gamer and i want the full power going to games

i don't want anything wasted on the GUI

thank you very much for the wonderful program

the best ever

java script:emoticon(':)', 'smid_2')


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No need to remove it entirely - it can be "disabled"

You miss the point indeed. We try to disable and remove as much as possible, to gain a smaller, faster, easier installation-source and an intalled Windows Vista which only contains the parts you need to gain performance and disk space.

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last i heared even when disabling the aero it still run in the background and takes some memory

the only thing change is the GUI.. you get the old one with alot of 3d features disabled

am not sure if this is right but i don't want anything useless to be part of my OS

i liked how nlite cleaned my XP from alot of services and useless programs and i want the same with vista if possible

thanks again for the wonderful program.. thanking you alone is not enough

you just made millions of users around the world happy

god bless you


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I'm a fan of win2k interface too and themes service never got into my windows, but disabling aero in vista means disabling the hardware accelerated interface in favor of the uglier software-based render. It will surely take the mem usage down a bit, but you got a slower and uglier look

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after disabling aero, u can also disable the following two services:

Application Experience

Desktop Window Manager Session Manager

and if u dont use themes, u can also disable:

Windows Themes

I love disabling services, but how do you connect Application Experience to the Aero interface? Do you have a source where you got that information?

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source thread: Windows Vista Service Tweak Guide

so far disabling Application Experience has caused no problems for me using the vista basic UI


I however also reasd in a post below:

Application Experience (not just for themes but it sure seems like it - doesn't hurt to have automatic)

Not that I buy that, but it seems controversial. I will leave it enabled for now. Also some dubious tweaks to Diagnostic services, having them active, helps you when problems arise. So then your sacrificing useability/funcionality over a possible performance increase

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