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[Release] Adobe Reader 9.0 Lite


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That's sad new sharky, perhaps you could try to at least release the big version releases, forgettin .xx releases and sticking to 10.x/11.x etc. Just a thought.

You going away on new job or something since you dont have time for it?

Alternatively i kinda like foxit pdf reader and pdf-x change viewer, both free pdf readers, working also as portable programs.

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This is a HUGE project to maintain on my own. In fact, I'm stepping aside . . .

Therefore I'm posting a tutorial for those with some MSI editting skills to be able to keep up releases of thier own language(s).

Hi Shark007, thank you very much for this tutorial! Take this step aside... and there will always be a place where you can just walk in and meet friends.

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ALL 9.0 distributed EXE's accept MSI switches

Shark, thanks for making a Dutch version. Take good care of your health!

Does the quoted sentence mean I can integrate it with RVMi or nLite, just by adding the exe-file?

It means that the installer doesn't default to unattended.

it does use MSI switches, example; ar9lite_xxx.exe /qb would install it unattendedly.


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Shark, Thanks for your quick reply. I'm sorry I still don't understand. What should I do to make it work like an addon?

The usual procedure to perform an unattended installation using the developers distributed installer is to seek

a commandline switch that would perform the installation without any user interaction.

You're in luck, I am the developer. I stated that all MSI switches are accepted by my distributed installer.

For a complete listing of switches supported by the windows installer type; ar9lite_xxx,exe /?

Alternatively, MSI's can have developer designed switches specific to each MSI.

If you have the skills to look into the property table, usually those listed in ALLCAPS are also usable on the commandline as a switch.

oh yeah, you want an addon . . . try the nlite addon section


Edited by Shark007
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I will make English and Spanish releases for future versions. I Will make them when a new version comes out.

If i have the time, maybe i can make them for other languages as well.

Thanks for the info Shark...

Take care and don't take things too seriously to maintain that pressure low.

Regards and good luck.

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After release 1 of Acrobat 9 Lite, I commented that an item would be added to the event viewer everytime a PDF file was opened complaining about not finding AcroRd32info.exe.

Version 2 has corrected this problem!

Great work!

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hi shark,

i'm not able to install the new (german) version silent!

every time when i try to run it with /q /qb /qr or so its just opening msiexec.exe (happens when wrong parameters are added)...

just run the file works but is no longer silent like in the older version.

I'm on Xp Pro SP3 with Installer 4.5

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