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Unable to Browse LAN


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excuse me if this question have been posted before, but I didn't found anything on the forum about this:

I am unable to browse my network after using an nlited xp pro and also i get a strage error when i run an application (Net Repair):

comctl32.dll missing or unregistered.

Isn't this dll included in the OS (the one responsible of the interfaces and so on)?

Anyone can give me some hints please?

Thx for your time.


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I had this problem once, it was in 1.2 RC. I couldn't even browse the network


It was because I had an XP SP1 + SP2 streamlined AND because I was setting the "Merge CAB files" to yes.

Having an XP SP2 retail CD and disabling it solved the problem.


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2 simple rules will almost 100% guarantee success:

- use Ethernet DHCP compatibility

- don't use any of the Network tweaks

Of course this is valid when you use nlite on the clean installation files. Also be careful with addons and unofficial hotfixes.

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