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Index of ALL my addons [16/10/2011]


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i don't know if i have to ask here. but eversince i learned how to slipstream, this is mostly the first place i visit for my needs.

anyway, i just would like to ask what file inside the addons here i need to edit so i can change the install path and start menu entry.

what i want is for example, i downloaded yahoo addon, i want it to install inside \program files\internet apps\yahoo messenger

i want the same also in start menu\programs\internet apps\yahoo messenger

i hope you get my point. i want to categorize each addon here in my custom built xp disc so that all utilities will install inside program files\utilities, all internet apps will fall inside program files\internet apps, all multimedia will install inside program files\multimedia apps.

i want the same folder to become the program group inside the start menu.

many thanks and more power to you. keep up the good work and God Bless!


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@ kenotz - here is what could be done to achieve what you want:

1. Create a custom application installer. A pain in the a** if you ask me.

2. Create a short AutoIt script that deletes the default shortcuts and creates new shortcuts the way you want it. Check the Foobar 0.8.3 addon for example.

3. Use a command link switch / silent switch to change the default shortcut path. However many applications don't support that.

I'm sure you will find more info and ideas in the Application Installs forum.

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I am unable to download the TaskSwitchXP addon; it seems to be deleted.

Could someone put it on Rapidshare or some other hosting service that does not require signing up?

Thank you.


Got a new link from rado354.

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KMPlayerv2.9.4.1435.Final [freeware] :


AIMP2 [freeware] :

aimp_2.60.499_rc_1.exe: 3107923B30280A732B1BBB7355E6D0B7

plz make add on without yandex.ru ... thanks


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@ Kiki Burgh - Sorry, I didn't see your request on time. I will download Numerimal and if I like it I will publish it on WinAddons.

@ D4rk DeMoN - I'm afraid that's not possible.



  • IZArc 4.1

  • PeaZip 2.8.1

  • ToDoList 6.0.1

  • Unknown Device Identifier 7.0


  • UltraDefrag 3.3


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