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  1. @rado i don't know if i have to ask here. but eversince i learned how to slipstream, this is mostly the first place i visit for my needs. anyway, i just would like to ask what file inside the addons here i need to edit so i can change the install path and start menu entry. what i want is for example, i downloaded yahoo addon, i want it to install inside \program files\internet apps\yahoo messenger i want the same also in start menu\programs\internet apps\yahoo messenger i hope you get my point. i want to categorize each addon here in my custom built xp disc so that all utilities will install inside program files\utilities, all internet apps will fall inside program files\internet apps, all multimedia will install inside program files\multimedia apps. i want the same folder to become the program group inside the start menu. many thanks and more power to you. keep up the good work and God Bless!
  2. foxit reader pls. tnx a lot. i really like the addons here.
  3. RADO, can you make this addons? *Adobe Flash Player for IE, Firefox/Opera *Shockwave *.Net Framework *Daemon Tools *awxDTools tnx
  4. Does Nero 7 Lite support burning lightscribe discs?
  5. rado, the latest version of Flashget pls. also a couple of questions. what happened to the comodo firewall addon? what is their reply to you?
  6. I slipstreamed Service Pack 2 on Windows 2003 R2 source. I added some addons (WMP11, .Net 1.1, 2 and 3 etc.) using nLite. Burned the ISO on a new disc and install it on a test machine. The first problem I encountered was "Set-up cannot copy msvcr70.dll". I thought it was because of the disc. I burned it on a new disc but still got the same error. I pressed ESC to continue the installation. It went smooth and on the windows desktop, Setup is asking for the Disc 2. I inserted the disc and Setup says the R2 files are not compatible. What will I do to fix those two errors? How will I update the Disc 2 of 2003 R2 with SP2? Also, is there a way to combine the two discs and burn it in a DVD? I want it that way so that I don't have to insert the disc 2 when installing. BTW, i'm using 2003 R2 as a desktop os and not as server os. I used the 2003 to XP convertion pack. Thanks a lot.
  7. rado, could you please create a Comodo Firewall addon? it's nice and most of all, FREE. tnx again.
  8. may i have the link for the silent installer? thanks.
  9. KEEP it up. nice work. it's on my bookmark now. KEEP it UPDATED!
  10. Thanks, but I prefer to use NLite. Am also looking for WMP9 addon.
  11. I need IE6 SP1 and Direct-X 9c addon for NLite Thanks a lot.
  12. Hello there. I'm new here, someone from the other forum where I belong pointed me here. As for my start, I would like to know if these are possible and if it is, could somebody point me to the guide to accomplish it: 1. Slipstream IE6 to Win NT4 or Win2K. 2. Slipstream IE7 Beta 2 to Win XP. 3. Slipstream the latest Nvidia Forceware in 2000/XP. 4. Slipstream the office service pack 2 to Office 2003 installation cd. 5. And auto-insert the serial key for all of these installers. I hate to type it everytime I need to install them. Thank you very much.
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