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Yet Another XP Mod - yAXM Project

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Definately details about how to customize it further.

I guess the most important thing is perhaps a step by step tutorial on what to do and when to do it in terms of the steps of your project.

Best of luck, if you need a hand, I'll be available after the New Year (am going away for the Christmas break!)

Merry Christmas :thumbup

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It's nice to see people interest in this. Thanks. :)

I am currently debugging software installations in VM. Or rather, I think I have debugged them.

I want to do some other real installations before any release but I can't this weekend since linux on wednesday and windows is going to remove grub.

I've also started the documentation and in fact a website is already running (Dokuwiki+PunBB+Puntal[LCMS]).

If everything is OK or close, I'll put a beta version next week. And otherwise, I'll probably wait one more week but not more because my last install did not have problems as far as I remember.

Btw, Dev-Cpp installs very slowly because it shows the list of files being processed and it takes at least 0.3 seconds to add a new line to this list. Not a big problem but there are hundreds of elements in this list and wihu is affected in the same way.

Does anyone knows how to speed it up except by moving the window outside of the screen? Is it related to a visual effect? Smooth-scroll list boxes ?


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Yup. :)

Real holidays have just started this morning at 11:50. ;)

Everything seems to be stable since I, and not only I, have been running this happily for several months now. I've been terribly busy and in fact I could have released the files back in February but I wouldn't have been able to provide support, therefore I decided to postpone the release.

So I only have to do some updates (softwares and MS updates), add one or two app and tweak a bit before release.

Also, I've decided to create a package manager as many can be found under unix systems.

Right now, I mostly have applications in 7z files and then at the end of install, a script to finish everything (shortcuts, settings...). Having things in two different places (if not three) is somehow unhandy.

I won't create this before the first beta release of my project because I don't want to delay the release any more. But then, the package manager will feature installation, removal (7z files don't normally appear in "Add/Removes applications", they will), update (keeps personnal settings) and reinstallation of packages, some kind of dependency checking (mainly for .net apps but also for applications plugins), retrieval from a network repository (mainly web-repository in fact)...

Btw, the license will probably be creative common's cc-by-nc(-sa) [Creative Common, by $author, Non Commercial, Share Alike] a bit modified to be able to get some money if an OEM would like to use it (who knows :whistle: ) and to be precise about ads (*I* would be the only one to decide and there could only be ads on the website, during installation and in the package manager but there shouldn't be any unless this project costs me too much).

So, stay tune. :P

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I'm updating the softwares and will send it to two friend of mine to beta test this weekend or at the beginning of next week. I'll also reinstall windows on two of my computers and then I can publish everything. :)

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