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  1. Will xbox 360 media center extender work on Windows Server 2003?
  2. http://reviews.cnet.com/laptops/emachines-...7-30980521.html http://www.notebookreview.com/price/defaul...;productID=9142 My friend has one, its a little dirty but can be cleaned up. Says he'll sell it to me for 125$. Sound like a good deal? Edit: Link fixed
  3. While I eagerly await checking this out. Whats this talk of T-12 and T-13?
  4. Depends, If you wanted to create the tallest building ever. You would never attempt it by yourself...it would take too long. If possible, If it was something you think you can make money on, I would try to do it myself. Theres lots of resources to get yourself out there these days.
  5. Really? I can get my boot down to the 60-90's. 28 processes right now and im using 300... Edit: Unless im mistaken and your talking about install size of an nlited windows. In that case ive gotten in to 212 region.
  6. It looks terrible on some PC's I have the same problem, thats why I just run XP
  7. cr0nick

    Xpize Resources

    Yeah, after I posted and it took almost a week to get any response im running it now, and i love it.
  8. cr0nick

    Xpize Resources

    Hey guys, First post! Just wondering if im going to see any increase in my system resources if I install XPize. -cr0nick-

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