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[Release] IE7 MSI File


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Application Name: Internet Explorer 7

Installer Last Update: 20/10/2006

Silent Intall Switch: /quiet /qn

Total Size: 15,803,337 bytes

About This Application

This is the msi installer for "Internet Explorer 7.0.5730.11" for Windows XP XP2. Not sure yet if it bypasses the WGA.

- Website

- Download

Now working for legit operating systems.

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your links work ok - no issue, can you confirm what you have listed on this cd:

can you confirm what on this cd..


Application Name: Update CD 3

Installer Last Update: 12/10/2006

Silent Intall Switch: None Needed

Total Size: 154,144,768 bytes

About This Application

This download is an iso image to be burned to CD. When you have a new format to do, format your pc using your XP disk with SP2 included and then once you have formatted, Just pop in this CD and let it do its job. This ISO file contains Hotfixes From Microsoft (UPTO October 2006).

- Download Part 1 | Download Part 2 | Download Part 3 | Download Part 4 | Download Part 5

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I just tried to install this on a virtual machine that was not activated,

using both the /qn and /quiet switches. When I run the msi without switches

it says ie7 is already installed. But 6.0 still runs when I run ie. and the icons are still from ie6.0

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im making a msi installer for people with active directory thats all. some people like msi installers so its a matter of opinion.

I'm intergrating that method into the msi installer.

Sorry I am going to try this and i will let you know, does your update cd also work on MCE versions,

cheers & Good Work! :thumbup

sorry, only windows xp sp2. the applications I do are for xp sp2 only. I supposeI could make mce editions would just take time.

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